‘Fuel’ a New York Times Critic Pick (Updated October 1st with Theatre Locations and 10/9 Chicago Event)


Fuel (see below) is on tour across the country, with special one-time shows at promiment theatres. The Chicago showing, coming on Friday, October 9th at the AMC Lowes Pipers Alley 4 (see poster below), is offering free tickets to Landmark Education graduates who rsvp to [email protected]. That showing is at 7:15pm and is hosted by Peter Fonda. There will be a Q&A session there along with the film.

Here is the film tour schedule:

tonight, October 1st, New York, NY, AMC Empire 25

tonight, October 1st, Philadelphia, PA, Ritz at the Bourse

tonight, October 1st, Toronto, ON, Muck Film Festival

Friday, October 9th, Chicago, IL, AMC Pipers Alley

Friday, October 9th, Tucson, AZ, The Loft Cinema

Friday, October 16th, San Diego, CA, Landmark Ken

Friday, October 23rd, Sacramento, CA, Crest Theatre

Friday, November 6th, Cleveland, OH, Cedar Lee

Friday, November 6th, Kansas City, MO, Tivoli Cinema

To get tickets and more details, go to http://www.thefuelfilm.com/theaters.php

Original Story: 

Fuel, the criticially acclaimed environmental documentary about oil and alternative energy created by Landmark Forum graduate Josh Tickell, was labelled a ‘critics pick’ by the New York Times ‘critics pick’ last week. In her review, Jeanette Catsoulis describes Fuel positively:

“Thanks to an informative, buoyant tone and the director’s own restless intelligence, the film preaches to the unconverted with passion, energy and graphics so clear that they would make Al Gore  weep all over his PowerPoint.

Bustling with politicians, scientists and card-carrying green celebrities, “Fuel” reveals the terrifying complexity of our energy crisis, as well as Mr. Tickell’s commitment to the truth.”

Here’s an interview Tickell gave about the film earlier this year:

Be sure to read Landmark Education News’ previous story about Fuel, which contains a trailer from the film itself.


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