TIME Magazine Spotlights Landmark Education, Personal Development

TIME Magazine’s latest issue prominently features Landmark Education and the Landmark Forum in an article written by reporter Nathan Thornburgh. The article examines the personal development industry and includes an in-depth look at the Landmark Forum and the value Thornburgh got from talking part in the course.

He describes Landmark Education and the Landmark Forum as “remarkably insightful”, and “the natural first stop in any transformation tour”.

The article appears in the March 7 issue, which is available in print. The article is currently available online through TIME’s iPAD application, and costs $4.99 to download and read.

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The contribution that Landmark Education has made to my growth and development has been profound. The contribution it makes to activating people to grow, develop and to “make a difference in the world” is incalculable.

I express gratitude on behalf of myself, my family, work, community and to the undoing racismĀ® movement in this country. We have all benefitted, directly and indirectly, from the many rich offerings of Landmark Education.


I am eternally grateful for Werner Erhard and his commitment to all of us. My life and the journey that I am on would not be possible without his work and Landmark Education. Our family is a unit, able to communicate and be present to each of our lives. It is such a gift and I am blessed that my friends shared the Forum with me back in 1986. Thank you to everyone who has participated and continues this work. You are all making a difference.

Suzanna Meng says:

Extraordinary Landmark Forum is people’s access to live an extraordinary life.



Joseph W. Nixon says:

I went to the Landmark Forum only hoping to get ideas for my business, I left with new relationships to my family and an amazing new view on life.

Attend an intro to see what TLF has to offer – you will never be the same!

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