Building Robots for NASA

The Lincoln Journal Star recently profiled Landmark Forum graduate Kevin Bass and his work for NASA, for whom he designs robots. The article noted that Bass got his start with NASA investigating the explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003.

On Thursday, February 24, the Space Shuttle Discovery will launch from Florida carrying the Robonaut 2, a robot that Bass helped build and which will be the first humanoid robot to ever come aboard the International Space Station.

The robot will take on cleaning and assisting with repairs, freeing up more time for astronauts to take on other tasks. Bass says his role was to construct the electronics, wiring and cabling for the robot, as well as managing that the entire team had what they needed for their work.

Bass began with NASA as an intern at its Ames Research Center. He indicates that his start with NASA was rocky, but that by taking part in the Landmark Forum, he made great strides in his ability to communicate. Read the entire article about Bass and Robonaut 2 at the link above.

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