The Landmark Forum Returns to Romania

After a ten year hiatus, The Landmark Forum is returning to Bucharest, Romania this fall, led by Ria Bauhofer on September 20-22 & 24. Previously, 15-20 Landmark Forums were held over several years in Romania, the first former Soviet bloc nation to host Landmark’s programs.

A major reason for the return of Landmark’s programs to Romania has been the groundswell of support for the programs in both Romania and with Romanian graduates of The Landmark Forum in Europe. This includes Mihaela Giurca, a London staff member originally from Romania

This is part of a long term commitment to Landmark’s expansion in Europe and Asia.  New programs have recently been held in Turkey and Slovenia and a Landmark Forum is scheduled for the first time in Dubai.

Their work has been building momentum for years. Over the last 3 or 4 years, there have been roughly 8 Landmark Forums in London which have been translated into Romanian and two years ago, a meeting was held with about 80 Landmark Forum graduates in Bucharest to get more people underneath the endeavor, thus growing the number of Romanian Landmark Forum graduates in Romania who are interested in having Landmark’s programs returning to their country.

Ria Bauhofer will be leading introductions to The Landmark Forum in Bucharest on May 20th and June 17th, two webinar graduate events on May 18th and June 22nd and more introductions will be held in Timișoara, Oradea, Brașov and Constanța within the next few months. The course will be held at Caro Hotel Bucharest.

In addition to The Landmark Forum,  the graduates in Romania are committed to eventually having the Advanced Course as well as other Landmark programs in the future.

To find out more about The Landmark Forum in Bucharest or to get involved, check out the Landmark Romania Facebook page, or contact Mihaela at [email protected].

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About Creativity says:

Very good.

Avi Yefet says:

It is so inspiring,
Bringing Transformation to Romania.
To give people the access to bring love,Affinity and deep Relationship to their life and environment

I know how it is feel .
I brought the Landmark Forum to the North of Israel
We held it at January 2019
And now we are preparing to next one at 20 June this year at Palm beach Hotel in Acco.

Hah, I was in the Introduction Leaders Program in 1994/5,in Sydney, Australia; where we enjoyed news from Landmark, about where new Landmark Forums (LMF) were being lead …the first one for Maoris in New Zealand, the first one in Africa, (Nairobi) and the first one in Romania. I cherish the BREAKTHROGHS each of these places were shared through David Ure, the Australian Forum Leader who lead them all. What I remember about Romania’s first LMF was that for the first 2 days, it was hard going with reluctant and slow sharing. It was not until one person shared about something they had done which was “naughty'” which brought about gasps. Why? Because what was revealed was the UNSAID: the fear of the Romanian Secret Police! By the end of the course, people were sharing all sorts of ‘naughty’ things, as a breakthrough in full self expression! Naughties included stealing the neighbours milk bottles from their doorstep occasionally…etc. I am sure today’s Romania has no such fear and hey, you never know and I don’t live there. Wishing the resumption of LMF in Romania as an awesome stand for some passionate Romanian citizens; well done. Charles Crawshaw WORLD PEACE BY 2020: PASS IT ON, YOU’RE IT!

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