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Robert Hilliker says:

I took the Landmark Forum in July of 2018. I attended all the seminars after and participated in Special Evenings, assisting in weekends and communicated with my group outside of the rooms. Then everything just seemed to come apart. At first I was really disturbed. Living through the challenges that followed, had me question every aspect of my life and being. In retrospect, and from where I stand today, I now recognize it for what it was, BREAKDOWN! For me the “Story” was so ingrained in my life that it was hard to recognize ANY sense of Self outside of the “Story”. I had to come to the end of whatever “Me” I was living in and as. I had to recognize that the only person in the room, hitting himself over the head, was me and my bag of hammers. I have work to do. I have messiness to clean up and I have accountability to take in this life I have created. From this place comes a new understanding. An empty vessel. A clear space in which I have begun to create what I want in my life. Today I have created a new and wonderful career direction in my life. I have become clear that I do not NEED another being in my life to give me validation. When I do not need of anything, then I will find what it is that will bring me peace and fulfillment. I am grateful, and appreciate the space and facility, I was given through Landmark Forum, to do my work. Surrender to win. The war is not real, it is just a story.

Mary Grace says:

Living a Life I love ?
Taking on being pain-free with my back ! And, getting back to exercise with JoeE & Dalai

Chris Giannini says:

I am creating a school garden project were students grow fruits and vegetables on campus. Currently we have a small committee working to coordinate with teachers to incorporate curriculum in a fun way to grow nutritious fruits and vegetables in the school garden boxes. My vision is for the harvested fruits and vegetables is to be sold through the school’s snack shack and on campus Farmer’s market, the profits going back into the project.
We have a plan on how the classes will grow the plants from seed, to planting the garden boxes, and growing the plants until harvesting them for sale. Along with this, the younger grades will tend to the herb garden.
The future of my project is to create an agribusiness class that will help run the snack shack while managing the school garden and compost project. We are looking to expand the composting area with a larger pit so the compost can be incorporated into the garden boxes and other areas of the campus. The last part of the project to help educate students about agriculture and where their food comes from will be to create an Ag Day in the fall.
I will be the one coordinating with vendors to come onto campus to help educate the students about soil, plants, animals, equipment, and how technology plays into growing our food.

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