New Rochelle Blossoms in the Spring

new-rochelle-daffodils.jpgWhen Leonard Pouder took on his project to beautify New Rochelle, New York (out of taking the Self-Expression and Leadership Program), he knew that it would take until spring until the full fruits of his labor became known. A landscaper by profession, worked tirelessly to bring flowers and new plantings to various parts of the city (check out Landmark Education News’ first story on Pouder’s project.).

Pouder and Joanne Bartelli, the past president of the New Rochelle Garden club and the 76 year-old dynamo who brought many of Pouder’s civic beautification plans to fruition, invited the Consul General of the Netherlands to attend the fnew-rochelle-daffodils-2.jpgestival. They were able to convince him to take a day off from his regular work in New York City, and Pouder, Bartoli, New Rochelle mayor Noam Branson, and Consul General Hugo Gajus Scheltma all met at the kickoff of the daffodil festival at New Rochelle’s City Hall, where an additional 1,200 daffodils had been planted and were just coming into bloom. Stay tune for more news about the beautification of New Rochelle.

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