Landmark Launches New Online Introduction to The Landmark Forum

Landmark announced via email the launch of a new interactive online introduction to The Landmark Forum.  We are sharing the email with you here:

We have some exciting news!
We just launched an all new, highly interactive online introduction to The Landmark Forum on our website.

This new version is hosted by two really outstanding Landmark Graduates, and also features senior Landmark Forum Leaders Dr. Joseph DiMaggio, Vice President of Design and Development for Landmark’s programs, and Dr. Nancy Zapolski, Vice President of Program Delivery.
As part of creating this new online introduction, we sent a camera crew around the world to numerous cities and interviewed people on the streets of those cities. We told them about The Landmark Forum and asked them what questions they might have to better get a sense of what The Landmark Forum is and what it makes available. We then answered those questions powerfully and completely.
In the online video, we not only share a range of topics—from “What The Landmark Forum Is” and “What You Will Get Out Of It” to “What Is The Education Based On” and “What Community Projects Have People Created”—but we also show the depth and international reach of our programs, as well as the diverse people, communities, and countries that participate.

The introduction is totally self-directed and designed to run on any device.
Said simply: the introduction is fun, enrolling, and powerful—and a perfect tool to assist you in sharing The Landmark Forum with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Check out the new introduction for yourself at


We checked it out and we definitely agree. It’s comprehensive, and gives viewers both a real sense of the value of The Landmark Forum and the impact Landmark graduates make globally.


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chelsea says:

The Landmark forum gave me a strong sense of courtesy and taught me how to put others interests over mine. I was about to get married to this guy who was an orthodox Spanish. His family had many traditions and talked a lot about where they came from, I did not enjoy that atmosphere much. His mum though used to fall sick very often so he wanted her to stay with us until things were normal. We had a huge argument on that and I was about to call of my wedding. We did not talk for a few weeks because I was out of town for work, that’s where I came across the landmark forum and I spontaneously decided to do it. It was an amazing weekend. I learnt so much and had many breakthroughs, most importantly, to care. I never really had a close family and moved out very early, this made me strong but very self-concerned. Now I get along so well with him and his family! I am so proud of myself for taking these lessons forward and putting them into action. We are happily married now and yesterday my sister-in-law asked me if I would be godmother to her first son. Thank You landmark forum for giving me this knowledge, I feel so warm and accepted here!

Robert Alska says:

This is such an amazing an easier way to get introduced to the amazing and helpful landmark courses. Efficient because we can view it on the go and spread it across many people all over the world. The landmark courses are my favorite and now I have involved myself in regular volunteering! I have learned so much from the forum, forum in action, advance course as well as the self-expression and leadership program. I also signed my sister and father for these courses & it has made so much difference!

Mark Williams says:

The landmark forum is a course that is easy and understandable. I was very nervous before my course because I am an introvert but during the course my shyness automatically went away. There were so many people and hence so many stories all happy and sad. The only thing I struggled with at first was not being able to open up. I found it very difficult to share my problems when so many people were attentively listening. But on the second day I talked about staying away from parents and living life on my own. This gave me the courage to stand up for myself. I realized what I have gone through and the strength I have inside me.The landmark forum is always a great experience and good memories. I did the forum back in 2007, later did the advance course as well as the self expression and leadership program. I found a sense of peace and motivation every time I went there. I got into touch with my parents and elder sister again. I got self-expression and learned how to speak up and give opinions. I might have not achieved everything on my list but I at least started off with it. Do the landmark forum, I highly recommend it.

Chris Walter says:

I did my forum 11 years ago. I was at university back then and never really got anything strong from that course. Now I am married and have a son and we had a few problems in the family, that is when my wife did the forum and that sorted things out for her. She took me to the introductory course with her about 2 years ago and I had forgotten everything about the course. I did the forum and god, my life turned upside down. There were majorly 3 things I was dealing with that included business, family and most terrifying my health. The doctors had asked me to quit smoking and I couldn’t so the landmark forum motivated me to start working out often and taking all the measures that would help me get rid of this horrifying habit. After the three courses I had everything figured out. My business is doing quite well and my family has been very supportive. They have seen major changes in my behavior like I am more understanding and I don’t get angry easily now. Lastly, and I have reduced to just two cigarettes a day. I had no idea this was even possible so I thought its my duty to type this down for the rest of you to see and appreciate and experience for yourself. I cant stress enough on what has the course given to me and how much it means to me.

David Jones says:

I did the landmark forum unknowingly. My family was going through a few emotional troubles and that is when I needed a way out so I did the landmark forum to feel alright. I felt better at that time but years later I was going through a bit of relationship crisis and I looked back at the course. Because a few elements of the forum were changed, I decided to do it again. I finally got off a dis-functional relationship and now feel independent and free. I also did the advanced course after which I have started concentrating on my hobbies as well and usually spend my weekends at my old farmhouse with my father and I do my horse riding there. I have also observed that my health and physique have improved as well. I spend my time and money on myself and my social circle has grown. I will hopefully invest in a new upcoming project soon and start a YouTube channel to promote my work. For enhancing my internet skills I am doing a search engine optimization and web optimization program at the uni as a night course. The only reason I have become this resourceful and optimistic is the advanced course. Next month I have a wedding to attend, it is my best friends and as a gift I have signed both of them to the forum for good luck and future happiness. I can’t stop spreading the positive word about the forum because it has helped me at two most difficult phases of my life. Also, I will be signing up for the self-expression and leadership program too and want to inculcate better values in myself for a great and healthy lifestyle.

Lisa Margaret says:

I am a 27 year old and have been single since a few years now. In life, I always wanted a family and children and grandchildren so I wanted to get married but I couldn’t find the right guy. I was upset with my love life and that is when I decided to do my landmark forum. After the forum I looked out and was open to dating and my mum set me up with this amazing guy but he was 10 years elder to me. I did my landmark forum in action when I shared this with my coach ans he asked me to take things slowly. During the advance course he had already proposed to me but honestly I was madly in love with him by that time. I asked him to do the forum as well and was very happy with it. It brought positivity in our lives so within a few months after that we got married. I did the self expression and leadership program after my honeymoon and have felt so satisfied. I would not have had the confidence to take such a huge decision and live a happy life if it was not for the advance course. According to me the forum was the best thing as it gave me the confidence and a push I needed. Now my life is smooth and very well organized especially after the marriage we moved into his house and I have everything sorted. My hubby is doing his advance course now and has received the breakthrough about the fear of losing his closed ones. He has become more opinionated and extrovert after his courses. He now has things to say and treats me very respectfully and always thanks me because I took him to the forum. We have a successful marriage because of the landmark.

Rhett A Cunin says:

The landmark forum not going to lie can be a hit or a miss. It is different and a little difficult to understand as well. I was not expecting such a scheduled program but I guess they fit too much into one program. I wasn’t disappointed but the course ultimately taught us what we already knew. The most interesting part for me though was when the people were interacting. They shared their problems and the way our coach worked it out with them was fantastic.He ever so smoothly, asked a few questions that let the participant to his answer. Like I had this lady who was struggling with her family life because her daughter-in-law hated her! Now the coach simply said to her do what you think is right- either sort the problems and talk it out or let this continue. On the very next day (second day of the forum) she was so happy. She talked to her daughter separately and turns out that she was very intimidated my this woman and hence never consulted her before making any decisions. The daughter said she was very scared! Of course because this lady had started to judge her from the very first day. I had a good laugh over that but over all the landmark forum was a happy experience and it did not do anything for me.

Allen Cornel says:

I did the landmark forum because I was frustrated. I could see that my family members do not like me or respect me. I have only received criticism and have been used throughout my marriage. My mum before dying said to me that I am clearly being bullied and she has only married me for my money. During my forum I was too embarrassed to talk about my problems out loud. After the second day I decided to talk to my wife about how I feel but we fought and she decided she needs a weekend off and flew to her mums. I was really let down and lonely. My daughters haven’t talked well to me in years! I complained about this quite a lot to my coach and he suggested that I do what will make me happy so I decided to get separated about 8 months later I did my advanced course and saw that I have many opportunities in life, and I learned how to leave the past behind. I missed my family and cried but somehow all my love was one-sided. I was a non-existent person and just a money maker for them. I am happy on my own now, looking forward to a happy and successful life.

George kristopher says:

The landmark forum has been one of my best experiences. I had a tough time feeling normal all my life. I had hyper anxiety since I was young and huge glasses and braces. I felt like the unaccepted student in school and all my cousins ignore me because I wasn’t pretty or smart and I would over-react because of my anxiety. I did the landmark forum when I was 22. And after that my life completely turned around. I learned how to play the keyboard and got into a band. I worked out regularly and was on a diet and got my eye laser surgery. Soon within a few years I got into modeling. I am so happy and satisfied now. Landmark forum pushed me to take care of myself and work on things that bothered me. I remember feeling very confident and strong. I was ready to face the world and be proud for who I am. My coach and my father were my biggest support throughout this journey. I was a nerd and now I am beautiful. It might sound like a fairy tale and in fact it was for me. I worked really hard to get where I am today and it happened after my advance course. I also did my landmarks self expression and leadership program which helped me every time I wanted to give up. I do not have any complaints from life now. I am more than just happy and I hope I can make a difference in the lives of various people who think less of themselves. My coach was the man who gave me a better vision and asked me to change my life if I am not happy with it. Thanks to the landmark forum and my beloved parents who stood by me all this time and gave me the knowledge to work in the right direction.

Richard kelvin says:

I did the landmark forum when my wife signed me up. I wanted to be a business man and I poached my idea to everyone. I traveled around the world to sell my idea but it did not work. I was genuinely heartbroken. I felt like a loser and was let down. After that I gave up the idea and become a sales person again. I hated my job and lost all the confidence. That is when my wife insisted on me doing the forum to get closure and get my confidence back. I was not very sure that the course will help me well but I gave it a chance. After the forum I thought I wasn’t ready yet so I did the advance course and the landmark forum in action. It took sometime, but I regained all the necessary confidence and power boost to restart with my idea, and this time I asked my wife to join in. We both have our little shop now and I finally have quite a few sponsors and I feel very satisfied when I am working. I also did the landmarks self expression and leadership program which has helped me a lot. I learned a lot of values and ethics that I am sure will come handy for the rest of my life and career. Actually, my wife benifitted from these courses as well. She used to work as an accountant for a few years before we got married and move else where. Later we got pregnant and her career went down. I remember she was struggling with her life and that is when her mum passed away. That was one of the most difficult times in her life and she decided to do the landmark forum and I could see the changes in her behavior. She became positive and started to take her work life seriously. She job a job close to our house so that it was easier to take care of our child and get back to work. When I did the advance course I knew I could seriously use her help in the office. Our lives have been so happy and complete, we are financially and emotionally stable now. The landmark forum helped us so much that we signed our friends for the forum and they have benifitted quite a lot as well. I am glad I was a part of this amazing courses and the landmark forum. I happened to start a project to give back to the society and have been feelings great ever since. I am happy overall and spilled my heart out here over the comments section.

Steave Adams says:

I did the forum when I was 30. I was living away from my family for a job and t was very difficult to survive. I was homesick every now and then and was worried about my family and children. It is true that if the father does not spend much time with his children they tend to ignore and not value him. I loved my family way too much to actually not be around them. After doing the landmark forum, I saw that the job was never really a priority above my family so I asked them to come over and made arrangements for my wife to get a job here. It took some time and effort but was completely worth it. I saw how happy it actually made all of us to be together and that is actually what a family should be like. After they moved although the expenses increased but we had a great time together and we used to do fun movie nights as well as weekend trips etc. It was amazing how easily I got the solution to my issues and made the right decision after the forum. Due to the positive results, I decided to do the landmark forum advance course as well and it made me understand the struggles my wife was going through as she was settling in a new country away from her homeland and finding new jobs for her self. She did have a few breakdowns and I was prepared to help her out. More over I asked her to do the landmark forum and sort her issues out whilst I was doing my landmark self expression and leadership program. I saw great changes in her behavior and attitude. She was very calm and patient as well as understanding and I learned to take stands and put forth my opinions as well. These changes got us good jobs and I even received a promotion for delivering great results. It was because of the forum that we finally settled in this new place and environment. Unlike my old self I was now confident, understanding and very open minded. I was open to constructive criticism and opinions. I was not a closed person anymore and had a way to put forth my thoughts which gave me confidence and happiness. MY wife as well started her own bakery with her office colleague and especially during Christmas received a lot of orders and got famous. I am so proud of her and I also know we could not have done done these things without the landmark forum. Now I am 36 and we are doing great here, everything worked out perfectly and honestly the fear of moving here feels like yesterdays but it was the right decision made at the right time, all because of the landmark forum and its courses. We have been in regular touch with the forum leaders and do assist every now and then. It brings peace and happiness in our lives.

Daisy Sanders says:

The landmark forum is one of many courses and lasts for the weekend. It creates various changes in your behavioral pattern because it examines the current life style as well as issues and talks about your negative part in it. Unlike the previous courses I have attended, the landmark forum talks on point. These is no random examples of great people or using their life to compare our own. The forum felt more realistic because they focused on every problem individually instead of just talking about one issue and assuming its for the entire crowd. Easy to say that the courses have altered my life but it took a lot of efforts and work from me to be able to let go. I always wanted ti be a dancer and was pretty good at it but I was married and stuck as a kinder garden teacher because my husband could not make enough for the both of us.I was not happy in life and was struggling to make it through each day but I never talked about it to my husband because I did not want to let him down. During the forum as I talked about this I realized that not talking to him has been making things worse for myself. So we took time out and decided to talk about things that have been potentially bothering me. After discussing everything I found out that my husband was pushing off a job because he was looking for a better offer but we decided that he will take that up for now so that I get some time building up my dance career. After this I did the advance course and my then I was already attending night dance lessons and it was very empowering for me. Soon the owners really liked my dancing and asked me if I would like to be a tutor there and that made me very excited. For a few months after that I had to do both the jobs but at the end of that year, I resigned at my previous job and started working as a tutor altogether now. I did take a lot of dance lessons through out my life and it all paid back. I recently did the landmark self expression and leadership program which has given me more confident and taught me to be expressive. I did not have this spontaneous personality before doing these courses. I have also asked my husband to give it a try and hopefully it will work out fine for him. MY mother in law has been facing anxiety lately and I took her to the forum whilst I was attending my self expression and leadership program and she signed up for the forum back then.I have seen a lot of changes in her behavior and she has been keeping herself very busy. I am glad it worked positively for her and I have also recommended this course to a few people and it did work for them as well.

Henry Joel says:

The landmark forum has been my favourite course to look up to. I have not really seen bad times in life but thankfully this course always keeps me grounded. I was always upset and annoyed, I know I had a very negative attitude but things have been so much better after the course. My relationships with family as well as life in general. I never used to care or be bothered to think twice about what was I doing and how does it affect people but now things have been so much better now. I was spoiled and my parents pampered me way too much, I never went to work and everything in life was already paid for. When I looked at myself I cursed my parents for not bringing me up right. I also felt like I would be a totally different person and I kept venting about it. But during the forum I realized nagging and crying isn’t going to help me. SO I decided to work and build my personality up. I also cut out people who put me down or just had an unhealthy lifestyle. Thankfully it all worked for the best. The advance course helped me find the real me, I was an atheist but I always believed in good work so I started to assist and help out (volunteer) at cancer centers. I feel great about the progress I have seen in life as well as my behaviour and lifestyle. I am soon going to catch up and go for the landmark self expression and leadership program and it will only help me get better. I have also sent my elder sister here and I do see a positive difference in her as well. Although she is not that expressive and out going but I know she is happy. Thanks to the forum that made me happy and proud of myself.

Ritesh patel says:

I was upset with my daughter. I am from India and am very concerned for my daughter not getting married. I did the landmark forum and talked about things that upset me but I realized I was forcing and stressing my child to do something she was not ready for. I was also judging her more than anyone else and I made her feel guilty for no reason. She was open to dating and was well settled and was also taking care of me. I felt very sorry for her and I decided not to bother her for a while after my course. I also took care of my temper and I saw her become close friends with me instantly. I also have been feeling amazing. Thank you landmark forum.

Dinesh says:

After a minor reality check, I realized that I was living the life, my dad once dreamt of. I had a loving family and a successful business, I wasn’t happy at all. My girlfriend kept complaining that I was lost and stressed all the time. My mum recommended therapy and was really worried. For almost a year I lost my charisma and enthusiasm for life. It was after the landmark forum that I was bold enough to make the right choices for myself. I stopped doubting myself and accepted challenges. I have seen a vast difference in me and my personality since, I could not have asked or expected anything more and I am glad I pushed myself to do the landmark forum. It changed me and brought back all the fun, happiness and love in me. I also did the advance course which in fact is just an extended yet better version of the forum and it gave me an insight of what I was losing in life by just being rude and nagging throughout my family, love as well as work life. I have been recommending this course to a lot of people, especially to my neighbour and childhood friend who lost his father last year and it took him a lot of effort to get over that incident. He was just not ready to part with his father’s belongings and kept missing him. Landmark forum helped greatly to bring him closure and make sure he accepts the mis happening and moves on. I know it is a task to actually move past such horrible situations but landmark forum has been of extreme help to him an it hopefully keeps serving as many people as possible in need.

Sarah Morton says:

I have been a yoga trainer for 11 years now. A year ago I lost my left leg in an accident. My family was very supportive but somehow I lost all my confidence. During the forum I talked about my love for travelling. I was saving since a long time and wanted to see the world. My boyfriend (who did the forum with me) shared the same enthusiasm for travelling. We learned so much during the weekend and have decided to start our own travel agency. This has encouraged me to try and get back to my yoga until the business is set up. Thank you landmark for giving us the support and confidence boost we needed.

Jayden Barnes says:

The landmark forum is more than just a weeked course. I made many friends there and have been involved him multiple volunteering and social activities. This place has a very positive enthusiastic vibe and people here believe in making things happen. Taking action is a very effective lesson I learned. The coaches are just like friends and are open to solving multiple problems. The best sessions were during the landmark forum in action wherein my coach pushed me towards my life goals and made me belive that I am capable of achieving them easily. I was a fat child since my teenage and always had this goal to get fir and live a healthy life. My looks always pulled me back and I did not do anything about it, until the forum! Now I am very cautious about my diet and lifestyle which makes me very happy, proud and most importantly confident.

Bryan Sanchez says:

I was a volunteer at the landmark forum and always assisted them for many social meetings, programs and seminars. After doing my advance course I realized it was not worth my time. My family had a lot of issues as me and my wife were separated and had 3 kids. Y wife remarried and she had one child with her new husband. This caused multiple fights, arguments, issues in the family, due to with our mental health was affected. My problem was very intense and during the forum my course asked me to solve one issue at a time. I was also advised to be patient and understanding as the results cannot be seen within a day. I did my landmark forum inaction and the advance course. I spent most of my free time at landmark. I agree that a few of m problems were discussed and solved but majorly the coaches did not preach well and did not assist me or guide me well. I am not an expressive extrovert and hence my children have been getting away from me, the landmark forum has let me down. I now regret spending a large amount of time and money towards a positive session. I hope a few things about this course are improved and people with similarly complicated problems as mine do not go back unhappy and dissatisfied.

Herry John says:

The landmark forum leaders have always been at my disposal. I have been able to call them between work or family issues. The program is a great way to learn about personal shortcomings and potential things to work on. I have changed my negative habits and worked on behavioral issues & the results have been loud and clear- I got promoted twice in one year, got engaged and to top it all took a 2 weeks long holiday to go meet my family after 5 years. I don’t have much to say except – don’t miss out on this program!

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