Landmark Launches New Online Introduction to The Landmark Forum

Landmark announced via email the launch of a new interactive online introduction to The Landmark Forum.  We are sharing the email with you here:

We have some exciting news!
We just launched an all new, highly interactive online introduction to The Landmark Forum on our website.

This new version is hosted by two really outstanding Landmark Graduates, and also features senior Landmark Forum Leaders Dr. Joseph DiMaggio, Vice President of Design and Development for Landmark’s programs, and Dr. Nancy Zapolski, Vice President of Program Delivery.
As part of creating this new online introduction, we sent a camera crew around the world to numerous cities and interviewed people on the streets of those cities. We told them about The Landmark Forum and asked them what questions they might have to better get a sense of what The Landmark Forum is and what it makes available. We then answered those questions powerfully and completely.
In the online video, we not only share a range of topics—from “What The Landmark Forum Is” and “What You Will Get Out Of It” to “What Is The Education Based On” and “What Community Projects Have People Created”—but we also show the depth and international reach of our programs, as well as the diverse people, communities, and countries that participate.

The introduction is totally self-directed and designed to run on any device.
Said simply: the introduction is fun, enrolling, and powerful—and a perfect tool to assist you in sharing The Landmark Forum with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Check out the new introduction for yourself at


We checked it out and we definitely agree. It’s comprehensive, and gives viewers both a real sense of the value of The Landmark Forum and the impact Landmark graduates make globally.



One thought on “Landmark Launches New Online Introduction to The Landmark Forum

  • October 18, 2017 at 3:46 am

    The Landmark forum gave me a strong sense of courtesy and taught me how to put others interests over mine. I was about to get married to this guy who was an orthodox Spanish. His family had many traditions and talked a lot about where they came from, I did not enjoy that atmosphere much. His mum though used to fall sick very often so he wanted her to stay with us until things were normal. We had a huge argument on that and I was about to call of my wedding. We did not talk for a few weeks because I was out of town for work, that’s where I came across the landmark forum and I spontaneously decided to do it. It was an amazing weekend. I learnt so much and had many breakthroughs, most importantly, to care. I never really had a close family and moved out very early, this made me strong but very self-concerned. Now I get along so well with him and his family! I am so proud of myself for taking these lessons forward and putting them into action. We are happily married now and yesterday my sister-in-law asked me if I would be godmother to her first son. Thank You landmark forum for giving me this knowledge, I feel so warm and accepted here!

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