Career Conversations Enabled by V Dream

by Asmi Kothari

V Dream, a project started by Mr. Rahul Goswami, encourages parents and children to start having conversations with each other about their careers. ‘V dream’ helps the students focus and prepare for their future. This also helps build specific goals in terms of career and finances.

Mr. Goswami observed that navigating career options can be a challenging process for youngsters, particularly today as there are many different pathways leading to a variety of career outcomes. Both parents and students have goals and expectations, and the difference in opinion about career paths can create disharmony in the family.

In his own life, Mr. Goswami lost alignment with his father whilst discussing the career and future expectations. It took them a lot of time and resources to gain a common vision. So during the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program, Rahul started this project, to enable children to research career options and have healthy discussions with their parents.

Although the project has completed two months, this team has aligned 75 dreams till date. Various school going kids, college students, their parents came together and engage in discussion with talent grooming institutions such as Disha, Jagriti, MK Films, R.K Films, Zorba Dance Academy and the ‘V dream’ team. They also have faced various challenges whilst trying to eliminate fears in the minds of children and help them open up with the counselors about their dreams.

Rahul gives a lot of credit to Landmark’s programs and The Landmark Forum: “I was a champion and the CEO of my organization. Landmark has helped me become a community player. Now I can see myself contributing in communities and having discussions with people about making a difference. I am a cause and not just a person of power. I can see a transformation happening within and around me.”


One thought on “Career Conversations Enabled by V Dream

  • October 10, 2017 at 3:53 am

    Education plays the most important role in the life of a person. Becoming aware of all the options and choosing correctly can pay off later.I too have a daughter who was struggling with her choices but after analyzing correctly she finally made the right choice and he is doing quite well and it makes me feel very proud. But not everyone gets all the right information at the right time so it is essential to let your children attend such programs and open their minds. It isn’t always necessary to choose a career because it pays well. What actually matters is being good at your job. The best part in the later life is “you will never be complaining about the job”because you will love it. I hope parents in India, adapt these thoughts and people like Rahul keep carrying out such amazing programs.

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