Honoring and Celebrating the Life of Jinendra Jain

LWN - Jinendra 1The Staff and graduates of Landmark invite you to share and participate in the celebration of Landmark Forum Leader Emeritus Jinendra Jain and his life. Jinendra passed away on May 24, after being diagnosed with cancer two years ago.

Few people ever get to live the kind of life Jinendra led. Entirely dedicated to service, Jinendra was both an est trainer and later a Landmark Forum Leader in a career in transformation that spanned four decades. A former monk and English professor, he was born in India and first came the United States in 1974 where he participated in the est training. He went on staff for est in 1978. His first job was to bring the est training to India, where he successfully navigated the many challenges of bringing the program to a country for the first time. Later he was trained to lead seminars, the Communication Workshop, the est training and the 6 Day program.

LWN - Jinendra 2In 1991 he became one of the founders of Landmark Education and was the Landmark Forum Leader accountable for the Communication Courses.  He presided over the re-design of the Team, Management, and Leadership Program as well as the development of the Communication Course: Access to Power and Communication Course: Performance and Power programs. He was also accountable for the expansion of the Landmark Forum Leader faculty, and for 35 people becoming Landmark Forum Leaders. He retired from Landmark in 2003. As a program leader he was beloved by the more than 100,000 people for whom he led.

He and his wife Katherine were married for nearly 40 years and raised four very successful children. He was known for his humor, gentle manner and deep love for people.

He had an uncommon ability to get people to the heart of what was important to them. Upon receiving his brain cancer diagnosis he chose to create a celebration of his life while he was still alive. In May of 2013, hundreds of family and friends gathered in Marin County, California, to commemorate his unique life and its enormous contribution.

Jinendra’s Facebook page has been flooded with messages of appreciation and support for his family. His contribution lives on through the thousands and thousands of people he touched and he will be deeply missed.

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Adil Bhesania says:

He was indeed brilliant and transformed lives effortlessly. I was privileged to participate in a Forum which was led by him together with Ferdie and Deboo. May his soul rest in peace.


Analise N. Taylor says:

I’m so sorry to hear about this. What a contribution to this world!

What a Wonderful and Amazing Man. I will always remember him fondly.

judy golden says:

that is my photo of Jinendra and Katherine at the celebration of his life May 2013…

Dr Poshak Patel says:

I shared my life in one of IL workday at Ahmedabad Gujarat.. really he lived a life of Bhagvat Geeta.. No words for his contributions to humanity and transformation

It is with deepest sorrow that I learn of the passing away of my mentor and friend, Jinendra Jain! He accompanied Ganeshpuri Mukhtananda to the USA and the then skeptic Jinendra stayed back to become the faculty chief of Landmark Education Corporation, when Werner Erhard sold it for a dollar and carried on to reach the critical mass of graduates for the transformation of the very world. I had been acquainted with 2 of his children: Karuna, an Advocate, and Pete. Karuna is my birth-day twin: April 19.
Old timers, K Sivasankaran Sangunni (Sangu), Srinivasan Jayaraman (JS) and I spent a special evening with Jinendra, when he was here in Bangalore for a seminar.
Jinendra, you made a difference in our lives and the lives of hundreds of thousands. We loved you and still do love you!

Michelle Melvin Lee Wilson says:

A wonderful man whom I loved both as a participant and as a fellow staff member. Gentle, kind, and strong, while honoring people and producing amazing results. What a life well loved!!!!

Esther Feskle says:

We were so fortunate to have Jinendra here in New Mexico twice I think. He had surprisingly succinct ways of saying each distinction! Burned into my memory is him saying: “This is the whole of our work: to accept what is, and to create what’s not.”

Anne Marie Tobias says:

Words fail… Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

The only thing greater than the loss is the incredible love and generosity that still remains.

Anne Marie Tobias says:

Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

The only thing greater than the loss is the love and generosity that still remains.

Ebonye Dayvs says:

I loved being in the presence of Jinendra, his speaking and being always made a difference in my life.

Laura Burt says:

Life is such a wonderful, fascinating, spiritual trip. Jinendra certainly had a life. I am filled with joy that he is complete and can move on. Partners always…….

My favorite memory from Jinendra leading my Landmark Forum in 1996, after he shared with us that he'd been a priest in an Eastern religion: "When it comes to conversations about God, I am not just 'a guy in a diner', you know. But we do not talk about religion here".

With heart felt sympathy I will miss Jinendra. My thoughts and prayers are with
Katherine and their children. Always remember that what is loved and lost, stays
in your heart. Thank you for being my Forum leader while reviewing the training.

Trish Parkr says:

My prayers are with his family. He was an inspiring man. Thank you, Jinemdra, for the wonderful, huge impact you made in my life as my Landmark Forum leader.

Katherine DaSilva Jain says:

Beautiful statement. healing, and so true.

My Salute & Deep Love to a wonderful & a very simple man Jinendra jain, I did my communication workshop with Jinendra Jain in 1987 & Also Assisted him during the Workshops in Bangalore, while he was at one of the fine hotels in bangalore with his two children Karuna & Pete.

chris borland says:

What a beautiful tribute. Thanks.

Jinendra-a wonderful and extraordinary human being! I was fortunate and privileged to have learned from his presence and teachings in both the Forum and Six-Day in 190 and 1991. His words were transformatitive then and continue to be as they unfold in my life now. He is truly missed and continues to live in my mind,heart and spirit.

Dr Mahesh K arora says:

Jinender was a close friend of my elder brother ManMohan. I have deep appreciation for his contribution to society . I have known him since my child hood . I had a opportunity to interact with him many times during his visit to New Delhi . I am very saddened to know about that he is no more . I wrote him a mail just a few days back and was wondering why I did not hear . May God grant peace to this Nobel soul!

I was Jinendra`s Forum Leader support person in Detroit late 1980`s. He was very inspiring, and with his big smile one could not help but love that man.

Ashok Desai says:

I had met him in a Landmark’s program in Jai Hind college, Mumbai on 14th Oct. 2012, Sunday ( 3pm to 7pm ). Great personality & visionary. A powerful leader. He brought the EST / Landmark to India. We all owe a lot to him.

Bill Spence says:

I was moved to tears upon hearing of Jinendra Jain’s death. I am completely honored to have known Jinendra in my participation with Landmark Education in Phoenix (now known as Landmark Worldwide). I had the honor and privilege of knowing and being coached by Jinendra. While in Phoenix, I was on production teams with him and onced served as his Course Leader Support around 1995. It was an awesome experience. Jinendra led my Advanced Course on Thursday, September 13, 2001 right after the 9/11 attacks! (A Landmark graduate drove him from San Diego to Phoenix.) Jinendra was also the Landmark Forum Leader accountable for the Communication Program and the Team Management and Leadership Program. I was fortunate to be in those programs while he was overseeing and coaching them. His coaching was invaluable and he made a huge difference in my life! His love for people was limitless and I always felt honored, respected and loved by him. Jinendra, I will keep you in my prayers as a good friend and as an intercessor. Your spirit lives on in my heart and in my mind. Thank you for the huge difference you made in my life! God bless you, Jinendra! RIP.
Love, Bill Spence

Jinendra was A Saint
He was saint in its true sense.. not attached to any thing, any place or any thoughts. We visited Ganeshpuri Ashram with him and also Baba Muktanand Ashram near Dahanu with him. He would recall his childhood, youth memories of his interactions with monks and spiritual leaders. Spiritual inquiry was his life’s journey. He was Baba himself…..


Darn! If there is anyone who should live ‘forever’ it is [former] est Trainers, like Jinendra Jain. These people embody, for me, the highest level of development of human being, so far, on this planet, and have contributed priceless service. The rest of us can honor them only by committing to our own [and others’] conscious evolution. We need
more humans like Jinendra–not less. RIP, Sir.

Dick Hoffman says:

Jinendra was a very special man. I will never forget taking a course with him, resisting enrolling in the next one, and having a one-on-one conversation about it with him. We talked a little, he put his hand on my shoulder, and I got it. I went home, took a shower, and cried until the water ran cold.

Ravi Narayanaswamy says:

I was in the EST program in Septemebr 1980 in Mumbai.. We were blown away by his humanity and simplicity..

He was a great teacher. He completely changed my view of life.

Jim Rudwall says:

I am saddened to hear of Jinendra’s passing. He was “my” Forum Leader in November 1990. Also, I was fortunate to have spent quality time with him in my IFL days in early 1991. I will forever remember the favorable influences he had in my life. And yes, he was witty, and as mentally acute as anyone I have ever met.

Shruti says:

Mr Jinendra Jain has made great attainments for the Landmark community. I too had a lot of fun during the weekend course. I came across so many different people from varied backgrounds. I made a few friends and incorporated multiple changes in my life. Since then, my routine had become fun and interesting. I got more expressive and understanding. I am grateful to my neighbor who took me to the introductory session.

Kagiso Jafta says:

Mr Jinendra Jain came to South Africa at Lonmin Platinum mine in 2006. I was privileged to be a translator for him at 4 day leadership courses. He was a marvel to watch and God sent. He had this special humour I still hear in my head everytime his name is mentioned.

Just had to add something here. I had the priveledge of working with Jinendra for many years at the 6Day Courses in New York and California. He was one of the warmest, most generous souls I have ever had the honor to know (and love). Always the inquisitive mind, never “knowing”. I can still hear his distinctive voice in my head (after more than 30 years), saying “it is just your sh**tty little mind talking”. We will always cherish him and what he gave us all

Yaduvendra Mathur says:

I did the est program April 1983 Bombay led by Angelo , and then the Communication Course… made available to Indians – by Jinendra ji – always there for service to India ; a deep desire to serve humanity.

You’ve done it all Jinendra ji

Hazel Brophy says:

You mean he is gone? His voice lives on, in my mind, I hear him speaking.

John Lsrsh says:

I hear him speaking also, he was my forum leader .You could not help but love this man .Also, I was priviliged to be his forum leader support person…

Prasad says:

Jinendra was my Forum leader during June 1992. Also I assisted in some events especially the first Forum in Highland Park, Michigan. Needless to say how blessed I am!
Jinendra, your contribution to humanity lives forever! Thank you very much!

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