Define Who You Are

The project Kyle Mumford created in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program invites people to share where they’ve gone beyond their own expectations or the expectations of others.

Mumford shares in this video how, growing up with OCD, ADD, dyslexia, and Tourette Syndrome, people in his life told him he was unlikely to amount to anything. Having become successful in the arts, Mumford is inviting others to share what they were told they couldn’t do, and what they are doing now, and then to tag three other people online to do the same.

Watch Mumford below.

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Dorothy Gearhart says:

This man seems to be very strong and motivational! I just realized that all the problems I had, don’t even count anymore! I was touched and moved by the struggle he faced and came up with a meaningful project! I too had a very close friend who had dyslexia but he couldn’t cope up with it very well. I hope after I do my SELP course I too could make a difference and create awareness about topics people don’t commonly talk about. I have gained a lot from the Forum and the advanced course and I am very thankful to both my coaches and the lovely Landmark community.

Dr. Jugesh Khanna says:

I shall be reaching Madison in end of April and I want to continue my landmark journey. I did my forum with 6 seminars (4 are still left) and finished my advanced course from India. I was so much touched, moved and inspired by it that I now want to take action and enroll others and make a difference in their lives.I myself have gained a lot from it and am thankful to the whole landmark group including the forum leaders who have helped me transform my life. Thanks everybody for empowering me.

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