No Complaints Day Challenge Returns for 2nd Year

Join HereIn 2014, Landmark graduate Joe Kirin chose an inspiring way to honor his late mother. He invented the No Complaints Day Challenge. The idea is simple: people from all walks of life are invited to give up complaining about anything for 24 hours.  This year the challenge will take place on August 12.

To find out more or get involved, follow the No Complaints Day Challenge on Facebook and share about the difference it makes to give up complaining. Also check out Landmark News’ story on the initial challenge (including coverage from Chicago’s WGN).

Watch an interview with Joe Kirin which gives the story behind the challenge:

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Eric Drumheller says:

This is a good initiative taken up because most part of our lives is spent complaining about a few things in life. I feel special and grateful to be a part of the forum a few days ago. I had a few breakthrough after the course and I completed all my assignments. I learnt about my mistakes and rectified them! My life saw a few changes and I am way happy after the Forum. Lastly, I have recommended the course to a few of my friends who benifitted from the forum.

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