‘Bee Happy’ Expands Across New England

Created as a project in Landmark's Self-Expression and Leadership Program, the 'Bee-Happy' project is spreading pollinator plants across the northeast.

One woman taking part in Landmark’s Self-Expression Leadership Program has created a project to spread bee-friendly, pollinator plants across Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Watch the video below to see how the project is taking off in many unexpected ways.

2 thoughts on “‘Bee Happy’ Expands Across New England

  1. for students – hardwork is the key to success but self motivation is our main problem in the face of expanding fun and no-fun problems. some famous scholar advice goes, when not in fix, they remind self and motivate them-self – your right be, what YOU need to do at the moment, and in life. Bee Happy congrats. we are part of landmark forum.

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