Landmark Course Leader TEDx Talk: Sounds Like Healing

October 22, 2018

Listen to Landmark Advanced Course Leader Pablo Landi talk about the impact of environmental sound on the well-being of people.

6 thoughts on “Landmark Course Leader TEDx Talk: Sounds Like Healing”

  1. Pablo helped me get a new world view after the advanced course. It’s inspiring to see the possibility of being this incredible human being.

  2. Wonderful. I’ve been waking up to Bach’s “Sheep May Safely Graze} [not too shabby] and this talk reminded me of a New Age CD I haven’t listened to in years. Om Namaha Shivaya [tenth anniversary deluxe edition]. Looking forward to waking up to those soothing sounds in the morning.

  3. Pablo, this is an awesome refresher of your spirit and talent. Am always grateful for your advance course leadership🙏👏

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