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Batia says:

Pablo…. as always, you make my heart sing. Thank you for your contribution to the world.

Dr. Susan Hall says:

That was awesome !
I love you Pablo .❤️

Fábio Carvalho says:

Pablo helped me get a new world view after the advanced course. It’s inspiring to see the possibility of being this incredible human being.

Lois Chierico says:

Wonderful. I’ve been waking up to Bach’s “Sheep May Safely Graze} [not too shabby] and this talk reminded me of a New Age CD I haven’t listened to in years. Om Namaha Shivaya [tenth anniversary deluxe edition]. Looking forward to waking up to those soothing sounds in the morning.

Evgeny says:

Pablo is amazing as always. Sounds do impact us in many ways. Let’s don’t forget that!

Katherine Vishnyakov says:

Pablo, this is an awesome refresher of your spirit and talent. Am always grateful for your advance course leadership??

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