Anne Marie Schlekeway, ALS Activist, Former Landmark Staff Member, Passes at 44

Anne Marie Schlekeway, 1966-2010

Anne Marie Schlekeway, the former Landmark Education staff member from Chicago who had been afflicted with ALS (Lou Gherig’s Disease) since 2004, and who was previously featured in Landmark Education News in September, died last Thursday at her parent’s home in Minooka, Illinois at the age of 44.

Schlekeway’s death was reported in a feature article in The Chicago Tribune, which acknowledged Schlekeway for her prominent blog,, and her ‘speechless speech’ presentations which inspired audiences even after she lost the power to use her voice. The story noted Schlekeway’s honesty and ability to inspire others while dealing with a terminal disease.

In describing Schlekeway, Tribune writer Dawn Turner Trice summarizes her attitude as “Give of yourself”, “Be grateful” and “Live life to its fullest”. Schlekeway used the last years of her life to raise money for ALS research, change how corporate America saw the health and fulfillment of employees, share her own personal journey and how she dealt with ALS, and inspire people to life fully in the time they have available to them. Read the Chicago Tribune article and Landmark Education News’ previous feature on Anne Marie Schlekeway.

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Tony Ferrante says:

My deepest condolences to Anne Marie’s family and the Chicago Landmark community.

You did an article about my organization, “Make A Film Foundation” back in 2008. We team film industry pros with children who have been diagnosed with a serious or life-threatening medical condition to help them to create short film legacies. We have since created an amazing new FLIP VIDEO PROGRAM and were recently featured on ABC NEWS. Please check us out at where you can see the news story, some of the films created by the kids, a testimonial about our organization from actor, Tom Sizemore and much more.

Thank You.
Tamika Lamison
Founder, Make A Film Foundation

Tom Camacho says:

I just found out today, she will be missed. She was an inspiration to many and was the sole reason I took the Landmark Forum. She was a true friend and an unrelenting stand for humanity.

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