‘I Love My City’ Tackles Two Wheeler Safety, Promotes Helmet Use

I Love My City, the organization created by PP Singh as his project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program to address road safety and overall cleanliness in the city of Faridibad, has started a new campaign to make two-wheeled vehicle travel safer by promoting helmet use. I Love My City is teaming up with GKN Driveline India, Ltd., Singh’s employer and a leading global auto parts manufacturer, to start an awareness campaign using posters and other media to save lives.

The campaign, titled ‘My Employee I Care’, has a special event on December 1, which is featuring testimonies of those who survived traffic accidents, leading road safety expert Surinder Singh will speak, along with Mr. SK Jain, president of the Faridibad Industry Association, Mr. SK Taneja, managing director of Inovatech Engineers and the former president of Yamaha Motorcycles Limited, as well as the general manager of GKN Driveline.

To get more information about I Love My City events and the campaign for safe driving, visit the I Love My City event page.

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Graduate of The Forum from the mid 90’s congrat’s to PP Singh. I own a motorcycle apparel shop and website and applaud creating a two wheeled safety organization.

Rajesh Marathe says:

I am working in an MNC, having more than 1200 motorcycle riders across the country. would like get more information for thier safety.

would like towork with you for this campaign.


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