Pretty in Pink Boutique Makes Prom Dresses Affordable

LWN - pretty in pink 2Amanda Steenvoorden knows firsthand that a prom dress can be both a major purchase in a woman’s life, as well as being a serious financial expense. The project this suburban Chicago woman created in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, Pretty in Pink Boutique, was designed to have once if a lifetime events be truly special for those who couldn’t necessarily afford an amazing dress, allowing young women to buy dresses affordably.

LWN - pretty in pink 3Steenvoorden and her team collected donations from local boutiques amounting to about 500 dresses, (and shoes and accessories) representing a wide variety of different looks and fashions. These were made available on a Saturday in Orland Park at bargain prices – $25 to $50. Steenvoorden herself, who has a background in the sales of bridal gowns, was on hand to offer suggestions. The proceeds went to three local non-profit organizations.

The unique project caught the attention of WGN television in Chicago. Read the original story and watch the WGN video at their website.


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