Stress Management Workshop Aids Mumbai Police

LWN - stress 1by Asmita Kothari

Ms. Aditi Govitrikar, an Indian model, actress and doctor, started a stress management workshop for the police called ‘Nishwaas’ in Mumbai, India as her project in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leader Program. Govitrikar, who was the winner of Miss World in 2001, thought of the police when she was asked take up a community project in the program. She observed that the police were highly stressed, due to their irregular work hours and no holidays during festivals etc. Though this cannot be changed they could be given coping strategies to manage stress caused by these circumstances.

She took the initiative and started the workshop with the Mumbai police – from senior officers to constables. Fortunately she didn’t face any challenges and intends to continue the workshops in the coming future.

Giving back to the community is a step one has to take to grow as a person.

When asked about the accomplishments of the project, she spoke about multiple outcomes:

“I would say its two fold – personally I gained confidence in myself that I have ability to organize workshops at this level. I created five leaders and that also was gratifying. Secondly and more importantly, the police benefited. I got the feedback that most of them have incorporated ways and means that were shared with them during the workshop in their day to day life, and the stress levels have come down.”

According to her Landmark was the key. She gives the credit to her Landmark’s coach Mr. Aunshul and his guidance. Had it not been for Landmark she would have never thought of doing this amazing project. She also learnt that,”giving back to the community is a step one has to take to grow as a person.”

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Very much inspiring, all the best Aditi, kepp making difference in people’s life.

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