Zambian Princess Tackles Poverty

NyirendaThe story of Zindaba Nyirenda and her efforts to reduce poverty in Africa have been featured in the Daily Herald newspaper of suburban Chicago. Nyirenda credits The Landmark Forum with giving her a voice – for having her realize she could make a real and lasting difference in the world.

Nyirenda grew up a princess in Zambia, and experienced a sheltered and affluent upbringing. As she grew older, she saw the problems her country was having with poverty, disease and a lack of clean water. She has written a book titled “Ta-Lakata: The Tears of Africa” in which she hopes to make suburbanites more aware of these issues. The book also tells of what it took for Nyirenda to deal with family losses which were tied to issues that affect much of Africa – her father and a sister died of AIDS, while her mother died from drinking contaminated water.

Nyirenda also sees global connectedness as a key to making a difference. When she took part in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, she created a project to link sister schools in the United States and Africa through distance learning. She founded Light on the Hill for Africa, a nonprofit that supports leaders of African villages.

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Jody B says:

Zindaba Nyirenda,
I have had the distinct honor of witnessing at Landmark an egg become a breath taking butterfly, full of POWER and GRACE. You ROCK!!
I saw you take unexpected circumstances, "a warehouse of needed supplies"given to you, when you expected a few boxes and make people sit up and take action……FAST. You actually got trucks to haul the supplies away and arranged them to be shipped over seas, in a very short period of time. You have the power and grace to continue to help your country. I and at least 75 other FRIENDS of yours witnessed the same thing. 
You are "unstoppability" as, Noah, one of our friends in SELP would say!
We are one human family, part of the cosmos.
Rock ON!!
Jody…..The one with spiky hair in a suit.
Let's hope I find a round hole for my round peg of creativity soon. 😉

Princess Zindaba Nyirenda says:

Jody, Thank You!!
Thanks for your generous listening, I exist only in the listening of others  about me, and who you are for me is the clearing and space for being able to fully express myself and bring forth that which powerfully calls out to me and to all of us…thank you for causing me to see beyond my own internal dialogue that makes me believe that "I don't matter and that I am all alone" I do get that when I come to that place of nothing…then I can create something. Thanks for being this powerful clearing to create and make a difference .
You are an awesome friend and partner in the world of transformation…
Princess Z. 

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