‘Putting Integrity into Finance’, by Werner Erhard & Michael Jensen, Published by Columbia University

One of the key fundamental aspects and distinctions of Landmark’s work, integrity, is featured in a new published article in Capitalism & Society, by Columbia University’s Center on Capitalism and Society. This prestigious economic journals presents provocative scholarship by distinguished thinkers. The article, Putting Integrity Into Finance: A Purely Positive Approach, is authored by Werner Erhard, creator of the est Training and the intellectual properties underpinning Landmark, and Michael C. Jensen, Ph.D., renowned economist and the Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus, Harvard Business School.

This work powerfully and uniquely addresses those issues that have resulted in a stream of scandals in the financial sector over the past decade and imposed huge costs on many fronts. What makes Erhard and Jensen’s work so relevant is that, they don’t simply analyze the issues, but rather offer ways to intervene and cause radical and positive shifts in performance. Clearly, integrity is not the go-to category for most organizations or companies seeking to increase their profits. But what business leaders don’t realize is the ROI – return on integrity – that is possible, and tending to an organization’s integrity, as uniquely defined in this paper, has shown to have a dramatically positive effect on the bottom line.  Click here for the full paper written for Capitalism & Society – the abstract is presented there, while the full paper can be downloaded and read through the link at the bottom.

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net coaching in agra says:

Really great article and information you shared. Thanks.

Nikunj Barot (Nirav) says:

How to stay in awareness all the time about distinction? Basically I forgot some of them and I am resisting all the time….Is there something possible that effect directly to state of mind….

Fabian Perrera says:

I took the landmark forum course whilst complaining about the issues at work. I mentioned that my business hasn’t seen any growth in the past 5 years and I am unaware of the reasons. When asked to come on stage and discuss my worries, I cried out ‘I did everything I could but nothing works. I have always been an ambitious & hardworking person but my business is stagnant. I am frustrated, please help me. ‘My coach then took up the topic of ‘integrity’. The forum has given me a lot of knowledge but this one changed my financial conditions. I saw immense growth within a year’s span!

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