Pilots to the Rescue

by Asmi Kothari

In 2014, Michael Schneider and Brian Orter started their first rescue mission. A family of abandoned puppies, a chihuahua and some mutts from North Carolina were to be killed. Michael and Brian rose to the occasion and volunteered their piloting skills to save 10 dogs so they could be adopted by loving homes. In less than a year later, after participating in The Landmark Forum and other Landmark’s curriculum, Michael’s dream, combining his love of aviation and rescuing animals, turned into a reality. In less than 48 hours, Michael enrolled those closest to him and raised more than $10,000 in startup funds for Pilots to the Rescue.

This project ‘Pilots to the Rescue’s mission’ is to save potential pets facing death by utilizing an advanced rescue flight system. Enrolling a network of trained pilots, shelters, ground teams and veterinarians, PTTR gives little souls filled with unconditional love a second chance in a new home.

Many volunteer pilots, animal shelters, and ground crews are a part of this amazing project, which faced a few hurdles; mainly fund raising and finding pilots who will fly during the week (since most of them have day jobs) and Weather considerations.

But in spite of all the hardships Michael Schneider Continues to raise additional funds from generous donors and grants.  He also did two calendars one for 2017 and one for 2018 for Rescuing more than 100 animals including their most recent endangered wolf! The participants are looking to pivot the organization to rescue more endangered species such as the wolf.  There are a lot of great organizations running for dog rescue so the aim is to make space for them and to focus on making an even larger impact.

Lastly, Schneider notes that “Without Landmark none of this would have been possible. The ‘big game’ was the motivation behind making this project a reality.” For more information visit Pilots to the Rescue and watch the video below.

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