Licata Brings ‘Bag Ups’ to QVC

bag-ups.jpgNew Jersey businessman Jack Licata has an invention that he’s been thinking about for 20 years: ‘Bag Ups’, a unique system by which one biodegradable garbage bag attaches to another, meaning that as soon as one bag is removed from a trash can, the next one pops instantly in to place. Now his invention has debuted on television.

“I had been thinking about this ever since I had been a captain in the air force twenty years ago,” said Licata. “It was through taking seminars with Landmark Education that I finally stopped procrastinating and did something about it.” Licata managed to get the product on the QVC television station and its ‘Easy Solutions’ segment. Bag Ups appeared on a seven-minute spot on September 16 where they were promoted and sold.

Bag Ups are 100% biodegradable and assembled completely by disabled New Jersey residents. For more information, visit the QVC website.

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