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Here at Landmark Education News we have collected videos and transcripts of Landmark Forum Leaders speaking out on a wide variety of topics.


Recently, Landmark Forum leader David Cunningham was interviewed on a Sacramento television program about dealing powerfully with the United States economic recession.

Senior Landmark Forum Leader and course designer Joe Dimaggio was interviewed by blogger Alex Shalman about the subject of happiness: Here’s an excerpt of Dimaggio’s remarks:”People as brilliant as Aristotle have been trying to define happiness for more than 2,000 years. Yet today, more than ever, people are still working really hard to figure out happiness. We, at Landmark Education, take the case that…what will make a difference is to get at what, in the day to day living of our lives, in the ordinary moments that make up the majority of what we call our lives, creates a new place to stand that gives us access to ‘happiness’ independent of our circumstances.”Read the interview in its entirety here at Landmark Education News.

Freedom from the Pastnancy-zapolski

Senior Landmark Forum leader and Landmark Education executive Nancy Zapolski delivers Landmark’s online introduction on its website. She has also written numerous articles about the ideas of Landmark Education. Here is an excerpt of one article:

Trying to resist, change, or avoid the enormous influence of the past keeps us foolishly focused on it. Yet we’re reluctant to leave it behind, reluctant to transform the pervasive hold it has on our present-time lives. Not doing so, however, results in an endless continuum of living a “now” that is littered with the detritus of the past.

Recently, Nancy and David Cunningham (see below) were featured on a Canadian Television program called Positive Living which brought cameras into a Landmark Forum they led and followed the experience of one participant. Watch the video below.

Joe Dimaggio also speaks about the nature of time and freedom from the past in the following video:

Relationships and Intimacy

dcunninghamDavid Cunningham was interviewed last year on Good Life Radio on the topic of relationships, and here’s a little bit of what he had to say:

Cunningham: I’m going to talk now about what gets in the way of intimacy, and what gets in the way of intimacy is anything that’s withheld. You know, if two people have secrets from each other, if two people have things they think they can’t say to each other, they really will get distant. And so it’s really important for intimacy is that nothing’s withheld, that people really do communicate fully, openly, completely with each other. And if there’s something withheld, something kept back, you know, maybe it’s an opinion, maybe it’s a secret, maybe as simple as “I spent more money than you wanted me to”. Do you know, if I think I spent more money, I went shopping and I think I spent more money than you wanted me to, and then I don’t say that or I withhold that or I try to keep that a secret, there will be distance between us immediately.

The complete interview is available in three parts here on Landmark Education News.

Landmark Education

randy-mac1Landmark Forum Leader Randy McNamara was interviewed on a Toronto radio station about the programs of Landmark Education. Here’s an excerpt:

Interviewer: There have been so many inspiring stories. If you have one that you can recall offhand about some of the things that they’ve learned from Landmark in taking action and being confident with themselves, what would that be?

Randy McNamara: Well, one thing comes to mind. There was a person who had lost their leg in an auto accident, which is a terrible thing. Then she learned about the earthquake that happened in India back a few years ago. And she – because we teach people to think new possibilities, to step outside of their normal ways of thinking, she said to herself, “Listen. How can I make a difference?”

And then she thought, “Well, I’ll bet a whole bunch of people like myself have had improved legs over the years and improved arms. I bet we’ve got arms and legs in our attics.” And so she created a community project, which is inside one of our programs, which is called the Self Expression and Leadership Program where you engage other people in how they could think beyond the norm.

To make a long story short, she flew to India with an entire cargo plane full of arms and legs and a team of doctors and they fitted 1,000 people with arms and legs.

Read the entire interview here on Landmark News.

Nancy Zapolski and a variety of Landmark Forum leaders are also feature in Landmark’s online introduction, available at the Landmark website.


Deborah Beroset is not a Landmark Forum leader, but she is a Landmark Seminar leader and spokesperson. She appeared on Great Day St. Louis television program on the topic of gossip.

Many other topics

We have also have interviews of and articles by Landmark Forum leaders speaking out on a host of other subjects, such as Joe Dimaggio on parent/child relationships, Randy McNamara writing about resistance to change in organizations, David Cunningham speaking about dealing with family around the holidays, Nancy Zapolski talking about money and David Cunningham also commenting on the phenomenon of epiphanies.


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Jeff Strauss says:

On 2/7/09 from 2-5PM, friends of the Hunger Project are having a discussion/film/party with the Civic Garden Center at their facility in Cincinnati. The organizations are both engaged in ending hunger in the world and all the related problems. You’re invited to participate in the joy of making a difference in the world

מנחי הפורום מדברים על… | בוגרי הפורום של לנדמרק אדיוקיישן משתפים חוויות says:
ddgrant says:

(Hope this is acceptable here).

Fundraiser for Gaetan Bellrose

Gaetan Bellerose world runner, massage therapist, father, Sterling Community
member, MDI, Landmark Forum graduate, former member of the Toronto
Lions Club and lifelong contributor to the service and well-being of mankind,
has recently been diagnosed with ALS.

(Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells and the motor neurons to the muscles).

Fundraiser Dinner Dance
To raise funds for Gaetan to battle this affliction using alternative approaches to this ‘incurable’ condition.

Further info, purchase tickets or donate contact:
Mai Duong [email protected]
Bob Walker [email protected]

Gaetan has passed away last week.  His legacy as a marathon runner, a Hunger Project supporter and overall contributor remains. We can all read about it on some archives on the internet:, On May 2, 2010, a team of people will be running a 10k race in Toronto, to raise money for The Hunger Project. I will be one of the runners on The Hunger Project Team. And I dedicate my run to Gaetan who offered to coach me. Thanks Gaetan. You ride that tiger!

Landmark Education Chairman Profiled for Role in Resolving Dispute between Children of Martin Luther King | Landmark Education News Blog By Landmark Forum Graduates says:

[…] The article also mentions that Giles uses strategies learned at Landmark Education in his work resolving family issues. He also credits his own challenging family upbringing for giving him compassion for what families deal with. The entire article can be read at the website of The New York Times. A summary of the article can also now be found on the Landmark Forum website. For more articles about Landmark Forum leaders and Landmark Education executives see LE News' page covering official Landmark spokespeople. […]

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