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Allen Williams says:

This video is a great example of my experience at the landmark forum. I did mine about a year ago and this was my major- life altering breakthroug0068 (as they call it). I thought of myself as a very independent and stressed person. Every time something went wrong in my life- I would say that “it’s because II am stressed”. That’s something I would think off even during a day off or vacations etc. Unfortunately I was the only one in the group complaining about everything. During the forum I said that people and the universe don’t want to work with me. Well, I was extremely wrong because I always expected people to do things – my way, my time! I blamed my whining habits on stress that was caused by others. After the forum and during the landmark forum in action I realized how wrong I was. It was all me throughout and after all these years when I stopped whining cautiously to people and in my head everything felt so much happier and positive. I took responsibility for everything and stopped expecting from others. Thanks to the forum this habit has now vanished and I have a smoother and happier life!

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