Landmark Forum Leader On Communicating with Teens

LEN - david cunningham in-lawsLandmark Forum Leader and spokesperson David Cunningham recently wrote an article about how parents can communicate more effectively with their teens or young people.

The article focuses on three main areas: listening, addressing their concerns, and talking straight. Here’s an excerpt.

Address their concerns
A pitfall for many parents is trying to justify, explain or argue with their kids without speaking to their concerns. Be careful not to invalidate what they’re concerned about by beginning sentences with words like: “I can’t believe you’re worried about …” or with gestures such as rolling your eyes. Also, give your kids some space and breathing room to go through what they need to go through, and to ask questions. For a 10-year-old, wanting to know why he can’t have something is a legitimate concern. It’s reasonable for a 16-year-old to ask why she can’t borrow the car or go to a show. Your children’s concerns are valid. Seeing and addressing their concerns will strengthen your communication and your family.

Read the whole article at the link above.

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I would love to read the rest of the article, but there is no link. Something is missing. Could you, please, send me the link for the article? Thank you.

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