Landmark Education Graduate Uses Experience with Multiple Sclerosis to Make a Difference for Others

Jana Scholten of Boston, Massachusetts, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001. She suffered for several years with serious MS symptoms. In a Landmark Education leadership program, Scholten realized that she had a say about her own body and that she did not have to be a victim to the disease. She took on the view that MS was a wakeup call to her to live her life fully. She set about healing all the relationships in her life, particularly with her family. She met her husband-to-be shortly thereafter. As she let go of the anger and stress in her life, her disease symptoms faded to almost nothing. Her doctors were so astounded that they want to do a case study of her to find out what happened. Scholten is committed that others realize their own power in dealing with MS–She is developing a public speaking program to share with others about her experience overcoming MS. She is also working on a mind/body medicine program to help others afflicted with the disease. Here Jana tells her story: [youtube][/youtube] To see what it was like for Jana as she first dealt with her disease, go here.

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Michele Garvey says:

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