Art for the Trees If You Please

A project created in Houston during Landmark Education's SELP led to a unique forest-themed art exhibit which raised funds for a drought-ravaged park.

LEN - art for the trees if you pleaseHouston artist Mandy Shefman has created a unique, tree-themed art exhibit as her project in the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program, to raise money for the Memorial Park Conservancy. According to Culture Map Houston, the funds will support Memorial Park at a time when many of its trees died the summer before due to drought.

The opening night of the ‘Art for the Trees If You Please’ exhibit brought nearly 200 guests to the Mixed Emotions Fine Art gallery, where the work of Shefman and 12 other contributors had turned the gallery into a forest of tree-themed art.

β€œI am very proud of what I created and how it turned out, and I thank everyone for their warm regards, but this event wasn’t about me,” Shefman said to Culture Map Houston. β€œIt was just a wonderful way that I got my community around me on board with doing something about what we all already wanted to do which is help our park.”

With attendees buying $50 tickets, Shefman is well on her way to her goal of $10,000 raised for the park – those who wish to contribute can do so through Shefman’s The Artful Umbrella website.

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