‘Writing on the Wall’ Brings Mural to Blighted Neighborhood

The Baltimore Sun has featured the project created by Gabrielle Elkaim to create a mural to beautify a blighted corner in Baltimore. The Sun notes that Elkaim’s project came about out of her participation in a Landmark program, and notes the reasons she chose to create the mural: “Elkaim knew she wanted her project to be related to both health and the arts, and soon decided to raise funds for a mural that would bring color to a Baltimore neighborhood and celebrate healthful living. Her Writing on the Wall project is an initiative within the nonprofit Stand for Art Foundation, based in Alexandria, which supports healing through art.”

The mural, which is being designed by artist Shawn James, is at the corner Jenifer Avenue and 30th Street, which was formerly the site of a dilapidated house that saw a lot of drug traffic. A nonprofit community group, the Coldstream-Homestead-Montebello Community Corp., worked with the city to have the house torn down and is now supporting the corner’s beautification. The mural “will fill the space with color and joy,” according to Natalya Brusilovsky, the group’s healthy neighborhoods coordinator.

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