Wright Leads LAX in LA Fundraiser

lax-in-la-update-3.jpgAcclaimed comedian Daryl Wright is performing for a fundraiser for LAX in LA, the organization that has brought Lacrosse to in inner city Los Angeles neighborhoods. The event is taking place Thursday, September 25 at 10pm, at the Improv in Melrose in West Hollywood.

LAX in LA was founded by Sean McKeon in 2003 as his project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program. It began with one high school, the Manual Arts High School in Central Los Angeles where McKeon teaches, and has spread to other schools in the Los Angeles area. The program has a code of accountability that requires team members to maintain a solid grade point average, and regularly attend school and practices in order to be able to play.

Daryl Wright is a Los Angeles comedian who continues to host “Ignorance is Bliss”, a show featuring some of the area’s hottest up and coming comedians. Tickets for the show cost $14 and are available online at www.improv.com.

To find out more information about McKeon and the organization, go to the LAX in LA website or check out previous Landmark Education News stories here and here.

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