Opening Futures for Orphans

Landmark Education News has received word from India, in the form of a self-expression and leadership program project of Pooja Khare which is empowering children in the Asha Nilaya orphanage in Bangalore. The weekly publication Suddi Samrajya has an enthusiastic account of the project.

What does is take to make a difference…

For many of us, this little movement of sorts is probably all it will take to understand that love, resolve and commitment make a heady concoction – moving people to attempt what they’ve never attempted. And in the process, inspiring people to cause an impact of amazing proportion.

Caring for children comes naturally for Mrs. Pooja Khare, a pre-primary teacher and mother of two, Pooja’s heart reached out to the orphans at Asha Nilaya, an orphanage situated in Ejipura, Bangalore.

Pooja started off with a small core team that quickly assessed the children’s needs. In the immediate term, a supply of groceries to the orphanage would ensure these children’s needs. In the immediate term, a supply of groceries would ensure these children’s nutritional needs were well taken care of.

In the course of their interactions, it was probably the team’s commitment to the cause tha provided them an acess into the children’s hearts. They could listen to what these children really, really needed – on an ongoing basis, something deeper, something more fulfilling: more people to call their own!

Struck by what they had discovered, this team took on this as a mission to make a difference. And this mission was inspiring enough for 300+ families in her apartment complex, and for the 56+ staff at her school.

The mission turned into a movement; in fact, it assumed significant proportions within a matter of weeks.

People came forward to contribute in terms of volunteer time, funds and resources. To each one, the question was "What else can we do?"

Pretty soon, the team was moved by what they were creating: a staggering 150 kg of groceries (rice, pluses, flour, semolina etc.), and stationary for about 100 kids in no time.

As more members joined the team, their endeavour was to provide a fulfilling experience for these children. With this in mind, they wanted to create a set of fulfiling, joyous experiences that would continue to inspire the children through their lives.

The first project – a tour to Nehru Planetarium – has planted the seeds to create potential astronomers and the odd astronaut.

Next in line is a grand celebration for Diwali – they would like to brighten their lives over the festival. In parallel, the team is working out the modalities for a visit to the Viswewaraya Technological Museum – it is beckoning potential scientists in the children. The team needs support on three broad fronts: ideas, funds and resources – all targeted at increasing their impact.

This is a mission that has gathered momentum. This is a mission that will progress unfettered. This is a mission that will continue to ensure love, resolve and commitment will continue to make a difference, while engaging the larger community.

To be part of it, contact Pooja at [email protected], 491-96111-06603.


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