Live Again Project Allows Cancer Patients to Share their Stories, Make a Difference

One doctor is going beyond the medical treatment he offers his cancer patients - through 'Live Again', he is offering the opportunity for they and others affected by cancer to share their stories.

Cancer specialist Kien Vuu created a project in the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program that went beyond his professional goal of saving lives. With ‘Live Again’, Vuu has created an outlet for all those affected by cancer in one way or another to share their stories, and in the words of Live Again, “explore what it means to be a human being, to have purpose, and to leave a legacy”.

The Live Again website features dozens of written stories and videos by those affected. The site also also creates opportunities for tangible legacies through crowdfunding the Live Again Fund. The project drew the attention of ABC7 News in Los Angeles, whose feature is shown below. Visit the Live Again website to contribute.

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