Landmark Graduate Creates Opportunity for Children to Give Books to Other Children

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Glo. Twp. students give books ‘from the heart’

Books recently took on a different meaning for students at Loring-Flemming Elementary School in Gloucester Township.
The school launched its first “Books from the Heart” this year. The project asked students to bring in a book for needy children in Camden.
“Books from the Heart” began in January and ended last week. Through the drive, the school collected 1,155 books.
“The goal was 500. We went far above what I expected,” Lisa Bair, a second-grade teacher at Loring-Flemming, said.
Bair introduced “Books from the Heart” to the school as part of a “personal education.”
“It’s called Landmark Education. I had to develop a project that would benefit people in my world,” she said.
Bair explained the core meaning of the “Books from the Heart” project.
“The purpose for the students here was to teach them about generosity and compassion. It was to also give something to students who have nothing,” she said.
As part of the project, students could only donate new children’s books. To purchase those books, they needed to complete a chore at home to earn money, Bair said.
“We sent home a form asking parents how many books they would donate,” she added.
So, students cleaned their rooms, washed the dishes, and took out the trash frequently – all to earn an allowance needed to participate in “Books from the Heart.”
“It taught them responsibility,” Bair said.
Students donated books that were appropriate for their age level to the project, Bair said. The final 1,155 books were delivered to Sumner School in Camden last week.
“The reaction was lovely,” Bair said.
Bair attributed the overwhelming response to a desire to give embedded in Loring-Flemming Elementary School.
“We have a very generous population here,” she said.
Bair indicated that she hopes to continue “Books from the Heart” next year.
“We may end up getting it district-wide,” she said.

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