Landmark Forum Tuition Reduced Through the Rest of the Year

To offset difficult economic times, Landmark Education has announced that it is reducing its tuition for the Landmark Forum for the rest of the year, according to Landmark Education.

The tuition reduction amounts to 20% for the Landmark Forum, which includes the Landmark Forum for Teens and the Landmark Forum for Young People. The tuition for people to review the Landmark Forum has been reduced even more, to 50% of the regular price.

According to Landmark website, the tuition reduction is good for anyone who registers by December 31, including for courses already scheduled in 2009.

3 thoughts on “Landmark Forum Tuition Reduced Through the Rest of the Year

  1. I have attended landmark education programme in the year 2003.Again I would like to particiapate in the programme.
    Pls send me the details of programmes for enrolment.

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