Landmark Education Facebook Group Exceeds 1,600 Members

facebook1.jpgThe Landmark Education Graduates Facebook group has expanded rapidly to reach 1,659 members, as of this writing. This makes it the largest Landmark Education graduate social networking group in the world.

The group was formed by Paramus, New Jersey Landmark education graduate Guy Ferdman, who is both a Landmark introduction leader and a recent (2003) graduate of Northeastern University. The group page features a number of unique videos, including one of Landmark Forum leader Steve Zaffron explaining the difference Landmark Education has made in businesses.

Like other facebook groups, the Landmark Education Graduates group has discussion boards, posted news items, pictures, and other items of interest. 

There are also a wide range of other Landmark Education graduate groups on the Facebook site, including groups specific to Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and the Team Management Leadership Program. Check out Landmark Education Graduates on Facebook!

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lionheart says:

In facebook the most populated groups are usually about silly themes and I am glad this is an exception.

Guy Ferdman says:

Interestingly enough I wanted to see when this article was written to get some perspective on how much the group has grown in the last 12 months and it’s been exactly 1 year to the day! Coincidence I think not.

Quick update the group is now 6,493 members strong and growing rapidly!! See you there.

Guy Ferdman says:

Back for another update…we are 26 people away from 8,000 as of today!

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