Lady Warrior Project, Telling Stories of Women in Combat

Nichole Bowen knows firsthand that woman who see combat have unique stories to tell and unique challenges in adjusting to post-war life. She is a U.S. army veteran and Landmark Forum graduate who served in Iraq, and saw combat there. Now she has started the Lady Warrior Project, a book that brings the voices of many different women together, all of whom relate their combat stories.

As someone who deals with post traumatic stress disorder, Bowen sees the opportunity to reach out to other women who are dealing with their own war experience, as well as giving the public a chance to see what it is like for a women to serve in the military. She is collecting a range of stories detailing all kinds of different stories and experiences.

“Knowing you are not alone is one of the best ways to normalize the experiences that females have,” she notes.

Since initiating the project, which was Bowen’s community project in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program, she has been featured on a variety of television programs, sharing her experiences along with those of other veterans. See more video of Bowen and other women veterans at AZ Central, and follow the project here on Facebook.


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I enjoyed reading about your project. It tells a good story that needs to be told.

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