Electrifying Motorcycles

Jay Giraud is an inventor and entrepreneur and has a big vision for electrifying transportation.  While Tesla is well known for leading the way in electrifying the car industry, Giraud’s venture Damon Motors has set out to do the same for motorcycles.  He once had ambitions to be a professional snowboarder but injuries took their toll and he needed to find another path.  He credits participating in the Landmark Forum with opening his eyes to “bigger possibilities”.

He made a declaration that he was going to transform transportation and that declaration has led to a career of innovation.  As the founder, inventor, and CEO for three automotive tech startups, Jay has built successful products and companies on unproven business models. By building high-performing teams his startups have found success from forming industry leading-to-market partnerships and created over $200 million in market value to date. Listen to a recent interview with him on the Deal Makers Podcast.

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