Landmark Education Grad brings Muslims and Non Muslims together to paint peace mural

The Muslim Observer, Regional, Houstonian Painting for Peace at Rice University Houston Texas Houston

Muslims are working with their fellow non-Muslims to paint several paintings representing Peace and Unity. The paintings will be displayed on Saturday, August 5th at the Rice University Ley Student Center (Farnsworth Pavilion) at 11 a.m. The exhibition will remain at Rice University through August 25, 2006. There is no admission fee. The project was created by Dr. Imrana Malik, a Houston physician.

“As a Muslim, I feel very heavy-hearted about the negative view of Muslims and Islam today,” Dr. Malik said. “The tragic and unfortunate ‘reality’ is that Muslims are viewed as violent individuals based on the actions of a few radicals. Working with our fellow neighbors to paint these paintings is an expression of our stand for Peace and Unity. We are hoping to make this into an annual event, as well as get national involvement by reproducing this effort in other US cities, such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.”

Dr. Malik developed this project, while participating in a Landmark Education leadership program, the coursework for which included creating a project that benefits the community ( For more information, call 832-563-0199 or E-Mail [email protected] 

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