Herald-Tribune Spotlights Life of Making a Difference

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune has highlighted the humanitarian efforts of Landmark Education graduate Paula Knudsen, telling of how she raised money for a variety of worthy causes through the creation and sale of quirky craft items called Frumples. The article also tells how Knudsen’s life changed after completing The Landmark Forum, and how she created a project in the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program which turned into a national food drive at post offices across the United States.

Frumples are small clay faces, each with their own personality, which Knudsen sells through her Frumple Factory organization to raise funds for everything from feeding the hungry to raising awareness about Parkinson’s disease. The Frumples are sold at markets and craft shows across Florida.

Knudsen is described in the article as “a person who is a pioneer, on the edge…she inspires people by her knowledge and enthusiasm, love of life and care of people.”

To read the full story about Knudsen and the difference she has made, read ‘Frumples evolved to make a difference’ at the Herald-Tribune website.

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