Landmark Education Spokesperson Shares Ideas from Money Seminar on ABC News in Chicago

Landmark Education spokesperson Deborah Beroset appeared on ABC News in Chicago to share ideas on how to manage one’s credit card debt and finances – the concepts are taken from Landmark Education’s Money seminar. Watch the clip below:

Both the interview and an accompanying article on the ABC website, titled ‘Fix Your Finances’, emphasized three main steps for dealing with debt:

1) Clarity – Get exactly what the facts are regarding the situation as opposed to one’s interpretation or story about those facts.

2) Commitment – Get clear what you are committed to doing this year in this area and create a plan that inspires you.

3) Calendar – Put the exact steps you are going to take into existence so that you will truly follow through.

To get more details about how these ideas from Landmark Education’s money seminar work, read the whole story at ABC News.

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