Thirteen Years of Making of Difference for Seniors and Society

It was 1999 when Usha Madhurathan was inspired to form Jnanajyothi, the wide reaching, Mumbai-based senior citizens organization that holds dozens of events every year and impacts a large strata of Mumbai society. The ongoing and expanding difference that Jnanajyothi makes, and its roots in Madhurathan’s participation with Landmark Education were recently profiled in The Times of India.

Her desire to build a connected environment for Mumbai seniors sprung from her own loneliness that came after the death of her husband and the move to a new area. Current organization president MR Rangaswamy, who worked with Madhurathan to found the organization, notes that Mumbai has over a million senior citizens. The organization works to care for seniors and solve problems in all of the city’s 198 wards.

Jnanajyothi has ongoing programs year round that make a difference in the lives of seniors and those they come in contact with, including teen debate competitions related to elder care issues, growing education funds for future generations, teaching elders computer skills, and much more. Read the article in The Times of India.

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