Thursday is Suicide Prevention R U OK? DAY

Thursday, September 15th is R UK DAY?, a suicide prevention/awareness day created by Landmark graduate Gavin Larkin.

R U OK? DAY, the Australian suicide prevention and awareness day pioneered by Landmark Education graduate Gavin Larkin, is taking place this Thursday, September 15th. This will be the third such day, with national organizations and prominent celebrities, such as Naomi Watts and Hugh Jackman getting involved in the campaign. It’s estimated that 2 million conversations took place last year as a result of the campaign, which aims to have people reach out and make contact with others. See more at the R U OK? DAY site, and the video below.

Update: Sadly, Gavin Larkin passed away a week after R U OK? DAY as a result of a 19-month battle with cancer. Larkin worked actively on R U OK? DAY all throughout his illness. Read more about his passing and his legacy in this news story.

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