The Passing of Jerome Downes

jeromeThose of us who knew Landmark Forum leader Jerome Downes were very saddened to hear of his passing on December 25, due to complications from heart surgery. The Landmark Education website has announced memorial services for Downes, who was also the executive responsible for Landmark’s operations in Asia.

Events to honor Downes and his contributions will be held January 7, in Bangkok, Thailand, and in Tokyo and Los Angeles, on dates to be announced soon.


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matty says:

Very sad. He was my Forum leader (way back in 1991). To this day I still share my experiences from that weekend. Rest in Peace, Jerome. You definitely made a difference in my life.

Toni Little says:

I cherish and respect Jerome for the enormous difference he made in shaping in my worldview.  Peace 🙂 Toni Little

Luba Mintas says:

I only just learned that Jerome Downes passed away. I extend my heartfelt condolences to Jane Downes. He has passed the baton to the people whose lives he impacted. Thank you, Jerome!

Daniel Hersh says:

I treasure so many memories of Jerome.
But one in particular shows up for me every day. Jerome was a gifted professional hockey player at one time. He was compact and muscular, and was the team’s enforcer. His job was to physically intimidate the other team’s players. A paid, professional asshole, if you will. After he became a trainer at EST, and at Landmark, every morning he would look into the mirror and say: “Jerome, don’t be an asshole today.” This is now something I do for myself every morning. I look imto the mirror, say: “Daniel don’t be an asshole today,” and commit to being a better human being, like it’s my job in life to be more loving. Thank you Jerome, my friend. I love ya. [email protected]

Darren says:

Jerome was my Forum leader back in the mid 90s. He was the real deal! He lives on. He’s been transformed. ?

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