The Lunch Box Project

Landmark Gradaute Brendan Moriarty created a project in his Self Expression and Leadership program called “The Lunch Box Project”. The goal of the project is to encourage people in San Francisco’s financial district to bring their own reusable container to restaurants when they order lunch. 93% of plastics do not end up in a recycling bin instead they go into landfills or worse wind up floating in the ocean. This project is supported by the City of San Francisco as part of their committment to be a zero waste city by the year 2020.

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Kiffany Terkla says:

Hi there! My name is Kiffany Terkla and I’m enrolled in the ILP this month. I’m extremely excited and nervous to be a part of ILP but I know it’s going to be amazing. Two of our 4 work weekends are located in the SF Landmark office and I was wondering if you could recommend an affordable hotel to stay at near the center? Our 2 work weekends are 4/12-4/13, and 7/19-7/20.


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