Talan and his 68 Climbers Seek Guinness Record For Hancock Hustle

hancock-hustle.jpgBob Talan, who has used his participation in Landmark Education’s programs to inspire him to raise increasing amounts of money for lung disease research through the popular, annual “Hustle up the Hancock” fundraiser race in Chicago, has set a new goal for this year: Get into the Guiness book of World Records for the largest fundraising team ever to participate in the event.

The event, which involves running up the 94 floors of the Hancock building, was the impetus for Talan to dramatically improve his own health, losing hundreds of pounds in his training. Talan, whose own mother died of respiratory disease, then used the fundraiser to increasingly contribute to others.

He began to assemble a large team of people around him. In his first fundraising effort his team raised $14,000. For the last event, he put together a team of 29 people that raised close to $30,000 (written about in this Landmark Education News story). This time around, in his quest for a record, Talan’s team already has 68 members and they are on pace to raise a minimum of $50,000.

This year’s event takes place on February 22, 2009. Money raised goes to the Respiratory Health Association of Chicago. To get involved, visit the website for the Hustle up the Hancock, or contact Talan at [email protected].

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