Surprise Dancing in Central Station, Stockholm

Landmark Education News has received links to what appears to be a Self-Expression and Leadership program project taking place in the Central subway station in Stockholm, Sweden. The videos show a large number of talented couples engaged in a variety of different dances.

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Gaibrielle says:

They are all dancing Lindy-Hop, sometimes known as Jitterbug. (social dancing popular in the 1930’s).

David says:

How can we confirm or deny this – I think it is critical we be accurate on our site regarding which projects are created out of the Landmark Education and which aren’t.

admin says:

The people who posted the video on youtube talked about it being a Self Expression and Leadership Program Project in the video’s description. If you double click on the video, it will take you to Youtube where you can see it.

Ellie Wilder says:


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