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Hello Landmark–

Thanks for the great newsletter on how grads are changing the world!

My name is William Brandon Shanley. I’ve taken the Forum and many other Landmark programs.

In 1993, my Self Expression and Leadership project was a book about the new worldview based on leading discoveries of science that became, Lewis Carroll’s Lost Quantum Diaries. I received a $50,000 advance and the science novel was published in Germany in 1999 under the title Alice Zwischen den Welten. The book was then sold licensed in paperback for another $15,000. called it, “…the best and most complete work of the modern scientific conception of the world of quantum physics.” Next, the book was licensed to the Japanese for $14,000 and published there in 2002. Just last month, Alice finally came home to America, and I’m happy to say our new anthology of selected chapters from the original work has been released under the title, Alice and the Quantum Cat. And guest what? Now we’re working on a movie script!

My quantum journey would very likely never have taken place had it not been for Landmark Education.

My deep appreciation and gratitude to all those who coached me, and thanks also from our many readers who love the continuing adventures of Alice in in the Quantum Universe.

If you have interest in including my story, or need additional information, I’ll be happy to accommodate. Attached is a helpful synopsis and information about the team of author-scientists I brought together to work with me on the book.

I am very much committed to the work of Landmark Education and would like to inspire others to experience its inspiring and life-altering programs.

Light falls in love to create life!

Keep going….

William Shanley

New Haven
203 497 9334

My name is Richard Degenaar. Ten years ago I sold my house and almost all my belongings to pursue a dream. A dream to make a difference in the world.

In 1999 I started the Curriculum and in August I was turning 30. Then the new millennium came. I was in my ILP and started thinking about life. I wondered what my purpose was in my life. Slowly I was getting present to an inspiration to do something truly meaningful. Something on a worldwide scale bringing a new quality of life. Therefore in the year 2000 I started thinking about a plan for creating a world that works for everyone. My mind kept on resisting the idea. I had thoughts like: “Who do you think you are? Do you think you are the one who will make this world a better place!”, “You cannot do this, you are not good enough, you will fail, you are a loser!” For many months I was being with this noise. Finally I decided not to listen to this noise. I decided to listen to a small voice, deep within me, which said: “What if you could play a role in bringing an experience of peace, love and unity in the world? Would that be a life worth living?”

In 2001 I started writing a vision of how this future could unfold. I was writing for months and months in a row. In my experience this future started arising. Suddenly I realized: “It is not about changing the world. It is about giving people new experiences. Experiences they never had before. That is what transformation is. ” It was the experience I had while being in the Landmark Education programs and I had now while writing. New experiences in the domain of love, unity, joy and fully expressing yourself. When these experiences are present, I am sure that people will think, communicate and act in new ways. I believe that this can lead to a world which works for everybody. This was the start of the project Global opportunities.

I closed down my company, returned my car to the dealer, I sold my house and belongings and bought a world ticket. During my traveling I shared the vision I had with thousands of people. I feel deeply blessed because I have connected with more than 50.000 people from over a 100 different countries. The look in their eyes and their feedback told me that this project, which is about connecting peoples hearts, is something we all long for so much. As an experience I also understood that every issue disappears in a moment of being profoundly related. This experience was a human experience. it was not related to which country, culture, religion or whatever different backgrounds we have. This is what the project is about. Connecting peoples hearts as an access to solving local and global issues.

A network of supporting people worldwide came to life. I came to India in 2002. I met Yasmeen Iqbal (my wife) who ran Ahaan Foundation ( ). Yasmeen brought me to a Madiwala slum where her foundation was sponsoring the education of underprivileged children. There I met little Shabana. She was grabbing my hand and was not planning to let go. I was deeply touched by this experience. I could feel her lack of safety and love. The focus in Global Opportunities shifted towards children.

From 2003 to 2005 we ran an innovative, interactive awareness center (replacement of school) in Holland with 20 children. Through the internet the children in Holland were connected with children in India to bring awareness and opportunities to both sides. After this succesful pilot project we are now preparing the launch of these awareness centers on a worldwide scale. First one in Bangalore around summer of 2012. Second in San Fernando, Chile in 2013. From 2005 to 2010 Yasmeen and I have worked on building an innovative funding system where investors can make money while supporting our projects. This initiative is launching now in June 2011 and will provide the cashflow for the initial launch of the first awareness centers. We will also use our funding system to support other valuable projects for society.

Within the limited human capacities and financial resources of myself, my family and worldwide friends we initiated the groundwork for 10 years. Last month, supported by hundreds of every day and at the same time extraordinary people around the world we have developed a Game Plan. [download from] The plan explains and gives an initial experience of the overall project. The response we are getting on this plan is overwhelming and beyond we expected. Some key people to some of the governments around the world, people from the corporate world and now also the movie and entertainment world are approaching us. We are delighted to see the worldwide growth in awareness in their responses. We will now move forward with partners who understand and see the value of our work and will implement it with the highest integrity.

After 10 years our dream of starting Global Opportunities has come true. I hope I have inspired you to pusue your dreams and never ever give up! You are worth it that one of these days your dream will come true.

Warm regards,


susanne baum says:

I am looking for a copy of Being On It, it lists all the traits of being on it. Do you have a copy and know where I could get one?


Susanne Baujm

I do this course.i join the classes at ludhiana last year.for this i thx to Er jaswant zafar ji.After that classes i love my life and i proof that 1 and 1 is 11 instead of 2
“life is like a circle,
Which is empty and meaning less.
First mother language,(punjabi)
Than word,(m)
Words make sentence.(m+a)mother
Sentence have meaning.(maa=who give us birth than we r in life)
That’s life which is empty and meaning less.”

Khaled El Jurdi says:

My name is Khaled El Jurdi and I was raised in Beirut Lebanon.

I took the Landmark Forum in 2009 and I got my father back. Then I took the advanced course and I got present to a time when I was 4 years old. I am standing on the balcony with my little brother. All the sudden I hear metal squeaking and I look there there is Israeli army tanks with soldiers and machine guns on top. Neighbors started rushing in their homes but I decide to walk down from our second story apartment to the street to have a closer look at those big tanks. As I am standing on the street in owe, the military convoy stops ten feet away from me and the officer in the jeep gestures for me to come over, so I did.
He picks me up and takes off. At first I was excited, waving to other kids of the neighborhood how cool I am, but then as the landmark started getting unfamiliar I start getting worried and a bit scared. I wanted my mom. Two hours later, I started seeing familiar buildings and soon enough I see my mom wailing on the street. The convoy stops by her, the officer gives me a hug and drops me off to her and she grabs be with tears. I don’t know why I remember so vividly this experience, but in that course I created the possibility for peace in the Middle East. So after finishing the curriculum for living, I joined the Introduction Leader Program to fulfill on that possibility. I got candidated last October 2011 and I fly to Lebanon a month later for my younger brother’s engagement. Over there, I led seven introductions to family and friends and I got my uncles and aunts completing their past differences after years of not talking to each other. Then it happened that my brother’s father new father in law is the director of foreign affairs at the Ministry of Education of Lebanon. I enrolled him in Landmark along with two other educations and he offered to provide me with a state of the art hall at the ministry building UNESCO, fill it up to 750 people and have media coverage to introduce Landmark and the other two educations which are Trauma Release Exercises with Dr David Berceli presenting it and Neuro-Linguistic Programming with my teacher Bill Thomason to introduce it.

The conference is assigned in March 27th in Beirut.

Thank you Landmark for giving me the tools to play a game of life that is worth living or to die for a cause.

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