StepUp Foundation Started by Ryll Bergin via the Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership Program.

stepup.jpgStepUP Foundation- “If it is possible, it is possible for me, it’s just a matter of how!”

Australian Business Woman Ryll Bergin has always wanted to make a difference in lives of teenagers. As a business professional, she wanted to inspire teenagers to go for their dreams. According to Ryll, it wasn’t until she was invited by her CEO to participate in the Landmark Forum that she saw that she could make it a reality. It was while participating in the Landmark Education Curriculum For Living that she invented and developed the stepUP Foundation.

StepUP presents unique 2 day events where teenagers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK and who come from all different backgrounds are able to meet with inspirational business leaders, entertainers and professional athletes. These presenters are among the best in their fields and in working with them, the teens become inspired and motivated by what is possible in their own lives. In addition through the course of the 2 days, teens must work together with other teens from communities and walks of life that are completely different from their own. The result is that teens develop understanding and friendships with peers that they might not otherwise meet.


StepUP is not just for the teenagers. The other half of the equation is the coaches. Small and medium businesses owners and other executives volunteer their time to work directly with the teenagers as coaches during the 2 day events. For them it is an opportunity to give back to the community by sharing their skill and knowledge with the next generation of leaders.


Since Step Up began in 2002 over 4000 teens have participated and the next year Ryll Expects that StepUP will be expanding to the United States.

If you would like more information about Step UP you can visit their website.


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