Self-Expression and Leadership Projects Spotlighted in Indian Press

December 13, 2011

The website of the Indian Broadcasting Network (IBN) recently wrote about projects created in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program in the Indian city of Chennai. The story tells of how various participant’s in Landmark’s SELP created projects that improved the quality of life in the city.

One participant is tackling illiteracy by creating a program to match up literate and illiterate adults for one-on-one teaching. Another project focuses on the quality of city roads. Others take on educating transgender youth, bringing yoga to the blind, supporting diabetics with lifestyle changes; recycling, hunger and the environment are also addressed by the wide range of projects created in Chennai. Read the whole story at the IBN website.

3 thoughts on “Self-Expression and Leadership Projects Spotlighted in Indian Press”

  1. Education is so important in this permanent evolving world. India is a country with lots of prepared and talented people, they are caching up but we need to provide a world with more social justice so everybody participates in equal conditions. Self-Expression and Leadership Projects Spotlighted in Indian Press is a sign that things are changing for better.

  2. Thank you for all who are taking on projects and taking ownership of their cities and their communities…Its so inspiring…I live in Charlotte NC and see opportunities to make a difference wherever I am as someone who has done the Self Expression and Leadership program

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