Run With Roshni Raises Gorkha Awareness

Roshni Rai’s project when she took the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program served two purposes – raising awareness of India’s Gorkha community, as well as raising money for a variety of good causes. Rai assembled 23 runners from Darjeeling’s Gorkha community to run in a Mumbai half-marathon, wearing t-shirts saying ‘We are Gorkhas. We are proud to be Indian’.

Rai, a 30-year old legal executive, has lived in Mumbai for close to a decade, still sometimes feels like an outsider – many assume because of her Asian features that she is Chinese, and when she tells them that she speaks Nepali, they still assume she is a foreigner. This led to her project to raise awareness about the Gorkha community in India, who are Indians of Nepalese descent. “I am Indian and very proud of it,” she says.

The runners also raised the equivalent of over $2,000 for three different non-profits. Rai is also planning to assemble a group for ┬áthe Delhi Half Marathon next, raising more awareness about the Gorkha community and awareness of the benefits of running in Darjeeling. The whole story can be read at Mumbai’s Mid-Day news site.

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Roshni says:

I am touched and moved to see my project’s media mention on Landmark’s website. Thank and regards.
Roshni Rai.

prashant acharya, mumbai says:

Roshni Rai a brave runner from Darjeeling, not only made proud to the Gorkha citizens of India but to the entire Gorkha community living in the world. Gorkhas have been fighting for their identity since long back are now feeling happy for the achievement made by Roshni. Let me assure you that one day this lady will create the history in the world and than the world will say “Jai Gorkha”.

Narendra Pradhan says:

First of correct Ghorka to Gorkha…its wrongly typed I believe!

Good to see Roshni doing great job..taking up the pride of all Indian Gorkhas…
Great going Roshni…
Kudos to you & your team!

Best regards/Narendra

jayati kharga says:

we are proud to see our sister who in giving a great contribution in such way for us…we love u and we support u…
Jai Gorkha Jai Gorkhali…

Ghhh says:

No dear we are indians and there is no need to prove dat..but wat about racist pranks ”chinky” kancha and that all rite..who will talk about the racism against gorkha community dear..who dared are cared abt it?who did care about us..??we are not foreigners and the one who will act wid me like that den i will show dem what are real guts..bloody,illiterate guys..india don’t forget about our contribution for the security of this nation..ur fellow people are still racists..ya it’s a matter of racism..pls my frends raise ur voice against the racism..opposed it’s a time for revolution guys..learn from the black community in america and their struggle for their existence in the country..raise up ur need to prove ur grow up proud to be indian proud to be gorkha..jai hind..

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