Run For Tiranga

lwn-tiranga-1Mr. Mitesh Joshi was of an opinion that every resident should have a Tiranga (the Indian flag) in their home and should be well informed regarding the flag. He and a few of his friends, Sandeep, Khalid, Vijay, as well as his coach, took up a project named ‘I love my Tiranga’, which in time was called ‘Run for Tiranga’. It all started back in 2012, when they distributed 40,000 Tirangas and educated the masses about the flag. Many religious institutions hoisted the flag and supported them for this cause. They also received encouragement from the Swaminarayan Trust, which is spread across the globe. Later more than 80,000 people were educated regarding the importance of the Tiranga. They also got various media mentions and successfully spread the word across the country.

lwn-tiranga-2Mr. Josh also mentioned that this was about creating a difference in the lives of many Indians. His team decided to run for this genuine cause and they were supported by many social groups as well as politicians. His teammate – Khalid along with 5 other people – ran 1,900 km from the Gateway of India to India Gate in New Delhi and handed the flag to the prime minister. The chief ministers of four different states participated along with Mr. Narendra Modi.

lwn-tiranga-3After the run, they realized that Indians are passionate towards the country and express gratitude as well as respect. Lastly, the team members said that the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program was one of the greatest motivations to take this idea ahead. They have now planned to create various runs across the country. Currently, they are working on creating awareness in the state of Gujarat, India.

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