Renewing the Environment: Over a Million Trees Planted and Counting

Landmark Education News has written previously about the efforts of Gashaw Tahir, a Landmark Forum graduate whose reforestation efforts in Ethiopia has led to his recognition by the Ethiopian government, the United Nations, and the U.S. Department of State on its website. Now this website is showing a video which highlights the work Tahir has done planting new trees in his native country, all the while putting unemployed young men to work. Watch the video and see what Tahir has been up to.

In the video, Tahir explains how deforestation also causes all sorts of problems such as lack of clean water and increased incidence of disease.

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Jaye says:

What a beautiful example of our work, a community project comes to life using enrollment and registration conversations! Inspiring, moving, and fulfilling to see this, thank you for sharing it. I have forwarded to friends, family and co-workers across the country and know it will touch many people and cause them to be in action on what matters to them.


Jan says:

Hi there, well done, very inspiring and an encouragement to others. This should be happening in every country in the world. Here in Australia we have lost so many trees to development and forestry etc. One thing I’m curious about is why you chose to use hybrid trees and not the indigenous species from that region?
Never-the-less a wonderful job
Cheers Jan

Aberra says:

Thank you Gashaw for an excellent contribution.

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